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Is this De Niro signature genuine?! It looks good to me?

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It's hard to tell with him.
It's from Ioffer is that I reliable site

No not really, most of those are forgeries on that website.

But what do you think of the signature

To be honest not one I'd want, but his Modern Signature is hard to authenticate.

This one? From Ioffer?
Attachments: No photo uploads here


The one from Taxi Driver has a better shot at being real, but let's wait for more opinions.
That's what I thought

I don't think that De Niro is real, but others may have different opinions. Cameron, De Niro isn't easy, but you can find very likely genuine examples that have the characteristics those who know his autograph look for. Hang in there!

I agree about iOffer, though. I don't see many autographs on the site that I'm comfortable with.

Thanks for your feedback, I actually had a strong feeling that the taxi driver one was genuine


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