I’ve had this Clemente autograph for years. It is signed on the back of an old paper stock photo of a team he played for in his native country in the 1950’s along with another team players signature. Just wanted to get some opinions as to its authenticity as I may be interested in selling it down the road. 26EC0CD4-108C-4AF7-B8DC-98D4E46FE441.jpeg80CE66BA-BA2F-4C91-B11C-83A549E26C79.jpegThank you for any help you can offer. 

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the signature looks good but it is not a 50's style.  signed later in his career.

Thanks for your opinion on it. Any idea as to what it’s value might be, and would I be better cutting it out of the photo and having it matted up with a picture of Clemente. Or would it be best left untouched?

Not sure about value. But I would not recommend cutting it. 

Okay, much thanks.

I also say don't cut... you can always triple matt the autograph, double matt the accompanying photos.. this would leave the photo untouched while hiding everything you would rather not see.

Thanks as well for your tips. I’ll leave the Clemente in it’s present state.


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