Roger Waters The Wall Documentary DVD Signed September 16, 2017 @ Nassau Coliseum

Hi All,

My scanner is being disagreeable so this is a rough scan. Specks on plastic or scanner. I also have not removed it from the thing I made to hold it for signing (it is visible here) and now, after listening to Pete Chuka (a very smart man), I am unsure how to store it. My collection is of intact complete signed official products and I wanted to store this in the original case but I am worried about it sticking. I do wonder if a peice of acid free paper between signature and sleeve would be a good idea. It would not be slid in and out - just stored. Suggestions please? My autographed promotional Gilmour DVD is signed in white ink and has not stuck in 15 years - now I worry about that as well.

Considering it was acquired in the rain with Waters screaming and a scuffle brewing right behind me, I don't think it too bad. It did not get wet miraculously. That was my biggest fear. The other two items I had with me were selected for all possibilities of pens and contrast (but not rain). So, from what I had (12x12 Us & Them promo flat which was sure to get wet and the new CD which also presented contrast problems), this was the best bet - it is small and had a plastic bag (and goes perfectly with my Gilmour DVD which was a large part of my decision. It is his perhaps his magnum opus, very personal at any rate, and remains the largest grossing solo tour in history). Contrast is reasonable - with a bit of glare it looks like silver leaf and pops. Placement is good. Sure, it is rushed, most I saw were - but, it was signed for me so I don't complain. I am really pleased and so very happy I went back to try again. I have seen a few of the LP's of the soundtrack from this film, but have yet to see another of these DVD's signed.

With the self imposed confines of my collection (all sigs must be contemporary to the product for one), this is the only way I could ever obtain a "signed copy" of "Nobody Home", which is my favourite, without going vintage (and broke). Total cost (did not attend the show Saturday so the DVD and $10 gas to a friend) - $29.

I hope you like it!

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"A Nice Pair":

Click for full image (not the greatest scans)...

Congratulation, Eric, very nice!!!

I will try my best in June 2018 Cologne, I'm hoping he is still in good mood for signing.

Thanks Andreas! I hope you have good luck! And thanks again for the Gilmour! 

After seeing this LP online, the second of this soundtrack LP that I recall seeing, I have to say the contrast on mine is not so bad. The colors work well in silver and the smaller sized DVD really paid off in terms of relative scale of the graph  and aiding contrast.

Frame them up and enjoy them!Using UV glass, keep them in a dark area and no problem.

Thanks Ian. I might just do that. I want these to last. I am really happy with this little "matched set." I do need to find safe storage until I can frame them though.

Crazy thing, Roger is signing again tonight! Guy posted pic on RACC. I get angry when people bust on Roger when they don't get a graph as this guy really does want to sign for his fans! 

Hopefully there was no guy with a beard and a...hat.

My scanner is coming back to life :)

My comp tix from Friday. Nothing like hard tickets in these days of pc printed things! I passed on floor because I knew what was coming and I was not certain I'd see the whole Battersea Station so I asked for these. I have a hard ticket from The Wall 2010 around here to go with this DVD.

Got it. I will have an acid free back board and matte cut for both, folded them as necessary (not truly hard is I can help it) and mount carefully (acid free "corners" is mt choice) as if framing, and then have another stiffer board of the same quality to go over this for storage until framing. I can make the hinges for the mats with reversible linen acid free tape. Kind of like how prints are stored.  

So thrilled - just came across a brown envelope with a white envelope inside of which is my (mint) hard ticket for October 13th 2010 The Wall at Nassau Coliseum - will go perfectly in my new signed DVD :) I might have another hard ticket for The Wall - the rest are those darn printouts that fade and bleed etc.



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