Purchased this a few years ago. Supposedly singed a few months before Sid Vicious passed away. Steve Jones , Paul Cook and Sid on front cover and Johnny Rotton on the reverse.  Thanks for the help!

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Steve, Paul and Sid look like the same hand and do not resemble authentic 70's examples that I have seen

Did Sid Vicious die before the release of Swindle?

Also, as i side note, i'm not convinced Johnny Rotten would have signed anything affiliated with Malcom McLaren - just out of principle. 

Those are great observations. Thank you.  The album was released end of Feb 1979 and Sid died the beginning of 1979.  That answers the question.

it's safe to call these Fake

Not one authentic 70's example even comes close to these

the sigs have the exact same hand weight and style

Thanks again.  Makes sense to me.  At least I can enjoy playing the records.

The very aptly named Rock n Roll Swindle.:

1. The LP came out a few weeks after Sid's death

2. Jones Cook and Vicious had not been together for several months

3. Those autographs look nothing like theirs anyway

4. Neither does Lydon's (and he signs John -  not Johnny)

Never mind the b***ocks



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