Someone I know has recently found this Beatles album in a store room. What is your opinion?



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The thing that sticks out to me first is Ringo. The R looks horrible. For that reason alone I don't like it.

Hi Paris,

We need to have our rock expert, Roger Epperson, look at your album. I'm not a Beatles expert, but these autographs look real to me. Roger will be able to tell for sure.

"Please Please Me" was the Beatles' first album and was released in March 1963. Your album has signatures that I think resemble the Spring 1963 ones in the Beatles signature study Frank Caiazzo did for us. The Beatles did a few signings at record shops then and were very accessible at that time.

There are roughly 75 band-signed "Please Please Me" albums known. It's the most common signed Beatles album by far, but it's still very valuable! Your friend's album isn't in great condition, but if it is genuine, I think you could find a dealer who would pay USD $7,500 or more for it, or you could try to sell it to a collector yourself. Ones in nicer condition sell through dealers and at auction for about $15,000 to $30,000.

I'll send Roger an email and ask him to take a look, and I'll send an email to a UK dealer who specializes in the Beatles to give his opinion, too.

I would reject this!!!

I noticed the post and here is what we have. Authentic John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison autographs. Unfortunately Paul McCartney has signed on behalf of Ringo Starr.

That sounds reasonable. I agree Starr is off. The Harrison is good.

Thanks, Jason. Paul, John and George looked so good I didn't even think someone could have signed for Ringo. It looked off, but I thought maybe he was experimenting. That makes perfect sense, though, and I can see Paul's characteristics.

I need to always keep in mind that they signed for missing members from time to time.

Does anyone want to give Paris an idea of the value?

Thanks again.

I agree with Jason, this might have been signed when Jimmy Nichols replaced him for a brief time.

"I agree with Jason, this might have been signed when Jimmy Nichols replaced him for a brief time"

 That's quite a stretch.  

Thank you very much everybody for giving your opinion about this signed album.

So either Paul McCartney or Jimmy Nichols have signed on behalf of Ringo. That's very interesting! I understand better now why the Ringo signature doesn't matched the authentic examples I had in mind. It has been dedicated to "Jean-Marie", which is a typically French first name. I don't know if it means this album was autographed in France, but it seems the more probable.

What can be the value of this album?

Hi Paris,

Paul signed for Ringo, but he signed while Jimmy Nichols replaced Ringo on drums for a short while.

Could you please upload a full image of the back cover" Also, is that tape residue or missing paper above the P in Paul? I think it's missing paper but I can't tell for sure.

Jason Cornthwaite is with Tracks (www.tracks.co.uk), a major, highly respected dealer in Beatles autographs.

Roger, owns Signed, Sealed, Delivered (www.SignedSealedDel.com) in Texas, and is also an independent music authenticator.

Both are among the best and would be good people to contact if your friend is considering selling.

Hi Steve,

Thank you for the explanation about Jimmy Nichols (I've read too fast the thread).

For the back cover full image, I need to ask the owner if he can send me one.

I thought it was missing paper above the P in Paul, but you're right, it also can be tape residue. Difficult to say without having the real thing in my hands.

Thank you also for the experts names and links, I will forward them to the owner. When I spoke to him he told me he didn't want to sell it. Nevertheless many people change their mind when a lot of money is in the game, that's why I wanted to know the possible value of this album.


as is $6-8000 is what I would say it's worth



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