Hello All,

I have just joined looking for opinions on a recently purchased Manfred Von Richthofen post card.  It was purchased from Herman Historica, a very well known military dealer and auction house, via Live Auctioneer's web site.

I feel as though I got a very good deal, these are fairly rare and only a few come up for sale a year, if that.  The seller didn't share anything about its history other than their opinion that it was real.

Just a few questions if anyone is kind enough to answer.....

1.  I was initially concerned about the surname being signed twice, but I have seen a few other signatures of his also had the last name twice.  Does anyone know the reason for this? 

2.  What are your thoughts on authenticity?  Is there anyone or entity who would be best to send this to for authentication?  I am concerned that the last names don't seem to match in several ways.

3.  I bought it for myself, I don't care about value so much, but if anyone has any idea, I would like to hear your opinion.  I also have a 1st edition autobiography of the red baron (more like a pamphlet) and I am looking for more things to expand into a collection.

4.  Any other opinions or thoughts will be much appreciated. 

Thank you!

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Could that not be a different word, the last? Incidentally, I interviewed someone for an article who knew Gladstone Adams, who arranged his funeral.

You might be correct, it does look quite different.  I can't fathom what that word may be though. 

It says Rittmeister what is a range with the german army. He got this titel on april 6th 1917.

A German rank... Awesome that is very helpful.  Thank you!  And he died within a year of that promotion.

Yes so this is a later and rarer one. I don't know if Markus Brandes is doing authenticy requests but you can try. Sorry for the misspelling of rank but I am a german native so forgive me. On the other hand it helped to figure out the Rittmeister lol

No problem, much better than my German... And very helpful.  I will look up Markus.  Thanks again.

Since he died April 21 1918 it was actually just over a year after his promotion.



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