Does anybody have an opinion on the following signed photo from the early seasons of the Sopranos, please? Is/was Christophe Stickel a legit dealer? Thank you!

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Even if unsure about the signatures, is anyone able to speak to the legitimacy of the COA, please? 

Atypical.  Not even close.  Sorry, Molly.

Thanks, Mike. I had fortunately come to the same conclusion.

James Gandolfini is tough because his signature is not consistent. I sent him a couple photos in 2000 and he signed one of two for me and JSA passed it. I have a Fans Of the Game certified card of him that has some similarity but not real strongly. Possibly because the card was on a very small silver strip that would have no doubt constrained his signing to a very small surface. I wouldn't bet the house on it, but I'd lean towards this Gandolfini being good. That lean in part is because of the Imperioli sig.

Michael Imperioli's signature is real IMO. When I have a bit more time, I'll dig out my examples and post them.

I ultimately passed because of Vincent Pastore’s signature, which usually follows the P with a capital A and doesn’t have the flourish at the end. Van Zandt is also an inconsistent signer and I couldn’t find another example where the final T flicks back in from right to left. 

I’m not sorry I passed because I think it would’ve struggled with JSA/PSA/Beckett, but my gut feeling is it’s just an early example before they settled into their signatures and also weren’t churning out these cemetery pics.



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