Sports/Puig forgeries eBay seller sneakerhunter007 THE AUTO SCOUTS AGAIN

Here is a brand new "The Auto Scouts" forgery seller on a new ID. This is eBay thief sneakerhunter007 If you do not know, "The Auto Scouts" are a huge professional forgery ring based out of Ohio that survives via eBay. They have new IDs everyday to slang their cheap, horrific forgeries on. 

This group of thieves has scammed buyers out of MILLIONS of dollars via eBay, while at the same time eBay is profiting off of these scams. Downright sickening. My efforts have slowed them down, but they are still active.

Here is a link to this scammer's store:

Take a look at this putrid Puig "autograph", these morons don't even care if they spell the name right:

Horrible Dallas Cowboys forgeries:

Kershaw forgery:

These scammers always use the "Comes with COA" technique, and of course do not mention who the COA is from, or show a picture of it, because they know I will immediately post it and ruin it's reputation.

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Someone paid $140 for this horrible team "signed" Broncos helmet sold by eBay thief sneakerhunter007



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