I had this one previously listed in another area and decided this one needs to be discussed in this forum. I am not an expert on Stevie's signature by any means but did have some concerns once I received it. I do know that her personal assistant named Ginny did sign on her behalf quite frequently and her signature is quite similar to Stevie's.

I have also included a Stamp on the back of the photo which links to Ginny which I did not know about until receiving the item.

What say my fellow members. I feel is it, more than likely, a secretarial.

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Wouldn't it be nice if everything was clear cut! I do have a Stevie Nicks collector who knows her autograph inside out and have just contacted him about this one. 

The bottom line is we all strive to uncover the facts. Sometimes the result is not the one we hope for. And...sometimes it does. I like to get as much information possible before I rush to judgement.

Keep us posted.  I am curious about this.

I have done quite a bit behind the scenes trying to resolve whether my Nicks signed photo is secretarial simply because it originates from her secretary/personal assistant. I have contacted a few people privately who know Stevie's signature well and have specialized in her for many years. The "bona fide" experts.

I am now 99% certain that my signed photo and those received by others from Ginny are, in fact, genuinely signed by Stevie. In a hobby that is often full on bad news, this is good news. 

I have taken this one step further and submitted my signed photo to Beckett to one of their signature reviews. They responded back with just a few minutes with a "likely to pass full authentication". I will be sending the photo to them today to receive that full authentication.

I will follow-up when I receive the photo back. I have gained new insights on Stevie's signature and appreciate all those who publicly and privately shared their knowledge with me.

Good news.

The bigger problem is that Beckett has not caught on to these secretarials and they are certing everyone that comes their way. Here is documented proof of Ginny's handwriting. Note specifically the formation of the 'k'. It is still my opinion that this style is 100% Ginny

Please feel free to pass along to PSA, JSA, or BAS if anyone has contacts.

I understand your concerns although I have communicated with a collector who exclusively focuses on Stevie and has for many years. A "Kamran" like collector who knows about her many traits and habits over many years.

He also is aware of the concerns from some of autographs originating via Ginny. He is also aware that certain parties will benefit greatly financially if these signatures are disputed.

No one can say with 100% certainty although it seems if Ginny was doing this she went out of her way to cover it up. Not the usual routine of secretarial signers who are just doing their job.

You may well be right. And I certainly highly regard your opinion. But, it comes down what is accepted currently by the hobby. It's not a perfect solution but it's the best we have today.

My mind is still open. 

Just an FYI - The Ginny letters and additional photos were sourced through Bonnie Caryn Ensor, who is one of, if not the biggest Stevie and Fleetwood Mac autograph collector there is

The proof is in the formation of the letters

Thank-you. Yes, her name has come up in the discussions I've been having as well.

I'm sure this discussion will continue. I generally don't like loose ends. 

Just looking out for you Joe!

I honestly don’t think the TPAs have taken the time to really examine these in depth and haven’t seen examples of Ginny’s handwriting like I have posted. 

FYI - Bonnie also shares my opinion of this style, I’ve talked expensively with her about this very subject. 

I know you are, Seamus and I appreciate it and do listen. We have the same ultimate goal.

I do not know Bonnie although I know she shares your opinion. I also have contacts who have signed notes in Ginny's hand as well who are still satisfied that the signatures were signed by Stevie.

So that puts us in a perfect storm. Well educated, experienced collectors with different points of view. Collectors vote with their pocketbooks in the end.

Who knows, maybe Beckett will reject my signed photo before all is said and done. I'll know when it comes back.

I'm still trying to get a read on who this Ginny Kamano is in relation to Stevie. From what I understand she is more of a friend than a secretary or personal assistant. And she was, for a period of time, in charge of handling her fan mail.

Did she sign on behalf of Stevie? The only definitive way to resolve this would be Ginny herself. Has anyone directly asked her or know how to contact her? Of course, she could lie although I don't see an upside to that unless she still has some financial gain.

From what I can piece together she still has a decent relationship with Stevie. Isn't it weird that some of these celebrities and those around them have so much contempt for the fans that support them.

Here is an interesting read on Ginny



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