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Hello Everyone,
My name is Mark. SRV's music is sincere and
brilliant. It is rare that an artist's music and personality are In
Step with each other. Stevie was that rare exception. His music
reflected his personality.

This is why SRV is important to me.

I would like to buy this autograph if it ever becomes available. Perhaps
one of you may know the owner. I have added the image. Please email or
reply if you can help me. I will pay for your time.
The "To Monica Perez" is gone. It was removed for resale. so sad

Best of Happiness to Everyone. Mark Libel

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i'll keep my eyes open for it old buddy
What's the story?

I was new to the internet in 2002. I have been a SRV and Paul McCartney fan since I was a teenager in the 90's. Technology like the internet finally caught up to my needs in the 2002. I was overly cautious when the SRV was available for sale. It went for about $395.00 in 2002. It was resold significantly higher, however I did not have the Grand. It was fairly resold to a European collector. I have found that the right amount of persistence,patience, and faith can be important. Even though I may never own the LP, I will do my best.
Thank you for this opportunity to join this community.
Best of Happiness to you. Mark Libel
I can count on you. I hope I have done the same for you over the years.Thank you. Mark
Good luck. I seem to recall seeing a few SRV autographs in Rogers collection (hint hint)

I have the worst story ever. In the early 90s, Vaughn played a concert with Joe Cocker. My radio station could go backstage, but the tour managers said "only for one of the artists, not both." Everyone let me decide, since they didn't care. Me, loving SRVs guitar but hating his voice, opted for Cocker. He signed out ticket stubs and was super nice.

And SRV died a year later. Damn!!!!!!
That sucks. Was Cocker at least nice to you?

SRV's voice like Janis Joplin and/or Kurt Cobain is enjoyable for some and noise for others.
Thank you for your time and suggestion.

I have one in person autograph from Stevie Ray Vaughan. Got it at the airport in Helsinki-Vantaa in Finland. I also have 10x15 cm photograph of him with band (see pic). This one is for sale, autograph is on music magazine page, not on picture, on TEXT, signed with blue pointball pen. I have no idea, what to ask. I've sold one other SRV about 15 years ago to USA and this is my second and last one. And 100% real. I know, Your post is old and You have probably found Your SRV autograph, but if anyone know, where to offer this (I don't use Ebay) and 1000+ autographs, feel free to suggest me good place. Don't collect anymore, haven't collect in over 15 yrs except those who I am real fan of.


Luckily I receive an automatic email if someone responds to my post. Steve Cyrkin set up the site as very user friendly. Please try to email these two. His name is Jeppe Lauritsen. rolloverlaydown@hotmail.com 

 He is my friend from Denmark. Roger Epperson is also another solid contact.



 He sells quality contempary music autographs and had met SRV numerous times. I respect Jeppe and Roger a great deal.


If you would like to discuss the autograph further, please email me at mjl9085@hotmail.com


What was SRV like?

Thank you kindly from America. Mark

I don't have anything bad to say about him. He waited an other plane to leave other part of Finland and in that time they had to spend that time in public side of aiport, which helped us a lot :D In these days, all passenger changing planes are totally unreachable at the airport. Love the 80's and early 90's, everything was so much easier then.

Anyway, they didnt have to hurry anywhere and we were the with my friend, so everything went really smoothly. We met them at the cafe, where that photo is taken. I also have photo with SRV and me.


I sold long time that other autograph, and that was special one, cause there was whole band and they all had draw something. When I collected autograph, we tried always to ask celebs to draw something. I have few quite nice things like one from Audrey Hepburn, where she sketched her My Fair Lady dress etc. I have to scan these somewhere in future. I also had SRV's pick, but sold that as well.

Thanks for sharing your story. I am always delighted that SRV was cordial to his fans.


I have an autograph of Stevie Ray Vaughan and some his band members and Joe Cocker bands signed on a backstage pass as well as a ticket stub at the Anchorage Alaska show just before he passed away looking to sell.  If any intrest can email at jvanwinklesellshomes@gmail.com .  Thanks Justin

Sure. You can email me at mjl9085@hotmail.com with the specifics. Thanks for your reply.


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