I started this thread to gather information on Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett signatures to hopefully determine just how rare or common he is to collect. 

As well as hopefully determine current market values.

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Consider, all cheffins books are not signatures/autographs in the sense of an autograph. These are only to mark his books.

and the 5 piece was on ebay for a while, in my memory price was 7500$.

But I can be wrong...

I agree to a point that the Cheffins books are not a signature but only to a point. If you really look at all his autographs and his book or painting hand.... you will see that they are so very similar that I would actually classify the Cheffins books as signatures. 

It's a fine line I know, but he does write his name... he doesn't print it. See my point?. I've posted an example of printing in the signatures post (the poem).

$7500 for all 5 signed? Boy oh boy I like that !!!!

It is more intent and persona than holding a pen etc. There is value in intent. Cheffins are signatures - the books are what is being discussed here.

I'm glad you see the Cheffins books as signatures. And I am holding firm that they are. 

I'm sorry - I misspoke. The Mick Rock books are signatures - the Cheffins are not the same in my opinion - yes he wrote his name, but they are for personal reference as mentioned above. This is what Andreas was saying I believe. It is an interesting topic that may have several sides.

I suppose it is a personal factor, but for me...they are "signatures". I don't really see what intent has to do with it. If one starts getting too involved in definitions, then his paintings are not signatures either. And hopefully we all know this is foolish to think. And here's another point.... we don't even know his books were signed to himself. Maybe he signed them as a legacy for us or family. Nobody ever really knew how his mind worked. 

ALL of his contract signatures, MR book sigs  and fan signatures match with his Cheffins book signatures. That's how he signed his name no matter the intent.

I have on file a "Syd Barrett" signed item that he personally owned and trust me, it matches perfectly to how he signed fan signatures. But I can't post that item without permission. 

A very good point - Shawn and I have been talking about ways to separate these items. I feel the earlier autographs and contract signatures (1967/68) stuff should be chronological, the middle to later (fan stuff etc) also chronological but separate, the personal signatures (library/reference books etc) separate again, also artwork, and the last "Barrett" in the 320 Rock books is essentially another man - a final last persona and thus no "Syd" or even "R". There will be several singing styles. The 320 and the contracts might yield some interesting thins even across the years they are "formal".

I agree but man you are piling up the work on me haha

I didn't post the chronological contract sigs for just these reasons (you know which exemplars I mean).  Maybe in time I can put a chronological post together, but for now I've laid the foundation. 

The point of this thread was to find all examples of his signature to determine how rare he is and it's growing into something far different than I planned haha. But it's cool, I like it. 

According to various Syd fan groups this poem/interview isn't Syd's handwriting but handwritten (copied?) by Bernard White for his fanzine, Terrapin.  An auction site mistakenly sold it (or tried to) as being written by Syd.

thx for clarifying this Jenna

It's all about updating information here

This just keeps getting better!



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