I started this thread to gather information on Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett signatures to hopefully determine just how rare or common he is to collect. 

As well as hopefully determine current market values.

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Here is a cool and I assume extremely rare item being offered at Tracks right now.

An entry ticket for Roger's first art exhibition 1964 while attending Cambridge art school. 

Syd started artworks as a child which makes me wonder when or what was his first signature. And of course, where is it? haha

Here is a very nice signed book from Cheffins auction house

Ohhh baby that's a beauty !!!

Thx very much for posting mc


That's a very unusual/unique B as well which makes it extra beauty

Does this book have the homemade cover? 

In haste, but this is a very valuable and informative thread! Thank you Shawn!

Thanks again and you are most welcome. 

I agree and this thread is turning out better than I first thought.

It's growing nicely.


Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett art exhibition (signed)

Here is one of the earliest know photos of Roger as a paint artist

Self portrait (no date) was stolen from the exhibition (after death) but later retrieved. I'm not sure if this is signed but wanted to post it, as I believe it's the only known self-portrait in existence.

Yes all found on the internet but it's a start to show clearly signed artwork and to neatly place his signatures into a nice package for viewing.  I'm hoping when I get to my Barrett book which shows Roger's art & letters that I can contribute more. That book shows his art pieces that he burned, so I'm really looking forward to seeing those. But at this time I am still in Mexico where I have been traveling on my motorcycle for the past year and a half.

Many more will be posted as soon as possible, as I am computer challenged and this is proving to be more work than I anticipated haha

Cheers y'all 

Great thread! Thanks for posting this stuff!

At the moment there is one book from cheffins at ebay, but surely not cheap in the end.

thanks, I'm glad you enjoy this Andreas

I have that current ebay book on watch. It's a nice sig but only "Barrett". I may hold out for a fuller signature. The cover looks great and his penned title should surely add value. It ends tomorrow but my guess is it won't go any higher or at least not much more. I believe it to be at a fairly reasonable opening bid, although this one was listed 150GBP higher than I paid. 

I'll post it's selling price tomorrow


I had made a bid for one of these book, minerals & fossils, but unfortunatly I was second place. Only 509 pounds. This is at least the fourth book I think, all of them ca 500pounds. 

This one now is about much for me...

Good luck!

Barrett's signatures cont'

I have many on file an won't be posting all of them, but these are a few examples that have either passed through an auction house, trusted authenticators or have had several eyes on them to deem them as Legit sigs. 

Pink Floyd Autograph

And one of the finest pieces. This photo is from Irene Winsby's photo shoot in 1967 that she got personally signed and was found years later among her belongings and published in the 2011 book "Barrett".

And the HOLY GRAIL of Pink Floyd ... ALL 5 signed

Many people are to thank for their help in gathering much of these posts including Eric Longo, Seamus, Greig McArthur, Steve Crykin, Roger Epperson, RR auctions, Cheffins auctions, Tracks etc...

Great pics, some I have never seen!

The last one, all 5... unbelievable! Is ths really legit? If yes, value 25.000€?!?

Yes the all 5 is legit and seems to be the only one ever known to surface. I haven't been able to find the selling price yet, but I'm on it ma man. I'll report for sure if I ever find out.  

btw... that Cheffins Barrett signed book just sold today for 695GBP ($930) with only one bid. I haven't seen the seller list another copy yet, but I did try and contact them to see what they still have available (twice) and no reply. Seems they are playing the sneak attack game hahaa

What I notice here is that the book is dated 2002 and signed only as Barrett and matches the Mick Rock signed books. I'm just wondering if Roger changed his signature form to this in the yr '02. It's very rare to just see him sign his last name. Maybe a coincidence, maybe not.





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