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I can't remember how many she signed of the Folklore cds, but it was a lot, and last I looked those were still easily available on eBay for like $30-40, so yeah I don't see these going crazy in value, except maybe the colors that sold out the quickest... if anyone cares for that specific variant, or wants a full set. I still picked one up just because the 11x11 might be a bit nicer than the CD sized ones, and either way it won't ever be worth less than I paid. I'll probably just sell the vinyl and keep the autograph and come out spending very little. Also, sorry for the notification email everyone lol. 

folklore is probably the most available version and was released in a few waves from what I remember.. I picked mine up for I believe $12.50 each, so at $30 to $40 its still a good investment for the people who care about that

Yeah she sold them in 2 waves I remember well because she screwed the people who bought on the first wave. I paid $25 then after they sold out she put up a bunch more for half that price. So I guess it depends on which wave you managed to buy if it was a good deal or not. At $25, and I believe I paid shipping, selling for $30-40 would probably end up in breaking even or maybe losing a little after fees and paying for shipping since most people expect free shipping these days. But yeah at $12.50 its not terrible. For some reason I'm thinking she signed like 75,000 of those but I could be wrong. It was a lot. But this one might be similar numbers with all the different releases, but I'm sure with all the different variants they will be a bit more valuable than the Folklore ones that were all the same. 

Sold out

And the East coast wakes up 


All 4 CD’s available again on UK store!

They're canceling all orders to a forwarder

I think I remember someone saying she had 60,000 of the signed Cds in her U.S. store on the 1st drop, and now 25,000 of the signed vinyl, and I don't have a clue how many of these she had in her International and UK stores but wouldn't it have to be easily over 100,000 signed at this point? my first reaction is that it's not possible but the fact that it's Taylor and they specifically say hand-signed makes me not worry about them being legit. it has been a long time since her last release so I'm guessing she has probably been signing them for months. definitely seems like the most signed items she's done at once so far.

It’s an insane amount, whatever number it is.

Makes the 5k Ozzy dropped look like nothing.

tbf, I just saw a vlog where a wrestler had to sign 1600 head shots and it took him a few hours over 2 days. 100k may sound like a lot, but I doubt it would take that long if it were done full time. I wouldn't want to do it though.

She's going to be signing these well into 2025...... so be prepared to wait


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