Hello everyone!

I'm a new member here. 

Taylor Swift's fans out there where are you?

I found this autographed photo. This girl auctioned it off on eBay and I won. I asked her how she obtained the photo and she told me that her friend had met Taylor Swift in person during her radio promo tour for her first album. 

I tried calling the phone number on the certificate, but it was disconnected.

Do you think it's authentic? I hope so.

Sorry, I couldn't use my camera.

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I can't vouch for the signature, but I can tell you the story doesn't make much sense. If she met Taylor in person, why is there a letter of authenticity from a charity?

So what are you saying, if it's real, it shouldn't come with a certificate? Then how do you know it's real?

If you get an autograph yourself, why would there be a certificate? The seller's story about her friend getting it on her tour is decidedly not true if it came from a charity fundraiser.

Also, most certificates are garbage. Anyone can create one and most are meaningless. On the other hand, plenty of authentic autographs have no certificate. The autograph is authentic or it's not - a piece of paper does make it so. While sometimes they do indicate a valid source (ie a private signing for a sports company like Upper Deck or a celebrity company like Official Pix), a good portion of the time certificates are of little consequence.

I guess we'll never know then. So there isn't a possibility that this autograph might be real?

Even those companies like PSA don't know what they're doing.

Watch this 


I wouldn't say there isn't a possibility, just that the odds are kind of against it. We haven't had any other Taylor fans/collectors chime in. But the fact that so many fans passed over this on Ebay and it sold for as little as it did -and that the seller appears to have sold this with a lie - aren't especially encouraging.

That was JSA and a Canadian company, but I agree, that was pathetic.

If it's not likely real you can get a refund through eBay and PayPal.

I think that's a common forgery style, like these 2:

Here are some that I think are real for comparison:

Well, the one I have was signed in 2007. What makes you think these are real and the others are fake?

I tried looking for some videos of her signing autographs for fans on YouTube from that period and I stumbled upon this one 


Keep an eye on this part around 1:25 where she signs the guitar. Looks very similar to the one I got. There has to be subtle differences even if both were signed by her!

Could you please grab a screenshot of when she signed the guitar? I couldn’t see what she signed.



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