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Very fake.

  • Thank you.,What makes the signatures not authentic?

Hi, if you have a photoprogram lighten the image and increase the contrast a bit and you will see the stops and starts Steve is talking about. If on a laptop, try changing the angle of your screen. That was a large scan so it should show. It indicates uncertainty and/or slow speed/hesitation.

Stop and start marks, shaky, uneven ink flow, plus some other characteristics which are off.

Thanks, Steve for the info. Again I received this as a gift from my father and he made me believe it was authentic. My mother God Rest her soul always said he was a crook! Thank God he’s still alive. I can tell him it’s a fake and why. Thanks again

These forgeries have been sold to untold thousands of innocent victims. There's a very good chance that he didn't know it was not real. They even sold them through the military exchanges to soldiers, vets and their families.

+1 He likely has no idea. Maybe keep it that way? :)

In addition to the obvious forgeries, I thought it was interesting the Williams would be signing a photo of Dom Dimaggio.


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