I would appreciate thoughts on this Jeff Lynne signed LP.  I've looked at a lot of exemplars of his signature, and I'm very iffy on this one, but I was hoping for opinions from others that may know his signature better than I do.


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Looks fine to me . Sim to the one i have

Thanks, Pete.  It's very reasonably priced.  Thinking of picking it up.  Think it's worth bouncing of Roger Epperson first?

If im honest im sure roger will give you an honest opinion which . However in my own personal opinion he does tend to get hyped up on here quite alot
. Hes prone to the odd mistake just like every other expert. I know this from experience . He told me my michael jackson autograph didnt look authentic to him on a quick opinion. I believe its totally believe its authentic. Purchased it months before his death from a seller who sold some great stuff at the time . Later called hollywoodinsniper . Once again thats my own opinion .
Thanks again, Pete.
Any other opinions on this item?

Here is mine for comparison. It is for sale.

Here are 2 more authentic ones. The E at the end bothers me on the posted one.

Thanks, Ian. The trailing "e" is what I noticed right away, as well. The "f"s in Jeff also seem a bit too "neat" and perfectly formed, and the way the names overlap seems uncommon. I'm not saying it's not legit. That's why I'm asking. I'm just seeing some traits that don't seem quite right.

I have to say I dont like the sig either;- it doesnt look right at all 

I did decide to get a quick opinion from Roger Epperson on this item, and in his opinion, this is not authentic.
Unfortunately that doesnt surprise me with roger . I still stand behind my gut instinct at the start that this is ok . The key for me is the two ffs in jeff . All 3 posts have the similar flow although they do veriate slightly f wise . Its very hard to replicate that flow jeff has with the fs in one single flow to make it look half legit . Thats my opinion on it anyway .


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