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Thanks guys!

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I am not loving it at all. It looks like the fake PSA pieces that flooded ebay last week. 

I did some more digging, here is the full piece offered by eBay seller serpentcitycc:


It is PSA'd, good call Pete.  Here are some other items from seller serpentcitycc:


That is the company name that ran a bunch of 12x18 PSA Scarletts lasrt week.......and I cringed looking at each and every one of them. This one is no different.

I thought the name looked familiar.  I'll send an email over to PSA.  Maybe theyll listen.

Wow.  Good call Pete.

Its not a company. Its just some guy who buys off so called 'graphers'. He is not a IP collector. I saw those Scarlett's too. I contacted him awhile back. 

He told me he buys off certain guys because everything they sell him they magically get PSA certified.

Funny thing is that poster sold for $300, he would have gotten more for it if there wasn't a forged scarlet. So it actually lost him money.
Photo proof for all you non believers
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Congrats, that's photo proof of Mackie, Atwell and Evans. The discussion is about Scarlett.

and I guess you took your watch or bracelet off, between Mackie and Scarlett signing right? 


I like his disclaimer here:

"I do certify with PSA and JSA-- please note however that their policies are ever evolving and just because they won't pass something it does not mean that it is not real."




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