There seem to have been a suspiciously high number of Marley autographs popping up in UK auction houses lately. At the moment there are no less than three on offer. I must confess I find it incredibly hard to distinguish the real from the fake. I say that even after having compiled a pretty comprehensive thread on Marley's signed LPs.

In the case of the three examples currently on offer I would say that all, bar perhaps the third, look pretty plausible in terms of letter formation but I would not risk buying any of them. To me they look "drawn" and lack a certain "natural flow".

Do others agree that these are most likely not real? Are there any obvious giveaways - whether fake or real?

On paper


Rastaman Vibration

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Well, the two LPs went for hammer prices of £6,000 (Exodus) and £5,000 (Rastaman Vibration), Adding on  buyers' premiums etc. that's getting on for £8,000 and £6,500 respectively. At least two bidders must have been convinced about authenticity in each case. With hindsight I think they were probably right.

I've become far more sceptical about the "on paper" signature. We'll see what happens on the 15th.

The paper item went for £1,500 before buyer's premium. I assume not enough people thought it was genuine.


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