I purchased a Tom Brady signed mini helmet just a couple of days ago.  I’m pretty confident that it’s real.  That’s why I went ahead and purchased it before posting it here.  I know that’s typically not a smart thing to do.  I’d love to hear some other members’ opinions.

This particular autograph would probably qualify as Brady’s “rookie” autograph.  It was supposedly signed just before the start of Brady’s first full season in 2001-2002.  The previous season Brady only got in one game and threw three passes.  The COA predates the founding of PSA/DNA and JSA I believe.  The COA says that the mini helmet was signed in the lobby of the Patriots team hotel in 2001 in Tampa, Florida.  So I looked at the Patriots schedule, but I didn’t see Tampa Bay on the schedule at all.  So I had an “Ah, ha” moment!  But then I thought...oh want about preseason, and sure enough, the Patriots played Tampa Bay in their 3rd preseason game in 2001.  This was just a couple of games before Drew Bledsoe was to get seriously injured in the second game of the year and Brady would take over.  

So when this helmet was signed, nobody really knew who in the hell Tom Brady was, other than he was the back-up QB for Bledsoe.  In fact, Brady was so insignificant that on the COA, it just says “Patriots multi-signed helmet,” not even listing Bray’s name.  The other player who signed it was Ted Johnson, a starting middle linebacker for the Patriots, who is now in the Patriots Hall of Fame.

The Brady autograph also includes the number “12” inscription which he did often sign when he was a very young QB.  He now typically does not sign number 12 anymore.  I think this is pretty cool because the COA, even though there are no pictures, tells a story.  The mini helmet was signed in August 2001 back when no one in America, not even the Patriots, had any idea that a young kid named Tom Brady, drafted in the 6th Round and 199th pick overall, would go on to lead the Patriots to the Super Bowl Title in February 2002 and then go on to win 5 more and go to a total of 9 Super Bowls and counting!  

Like the guy who got this said, back then, if you took a mini helmet or something else into the Patriots team hotel, you were hoping to get Drew Bledsoe’s autograph, not some unknown named Tom Brady.

Please let me know what you think.

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Here’s a pic of the Ted Johnson autograph.


I would rather have this signature, which is indeed rare, than one of his current style where you have to pay a grand just for his name.  Ebay is loaded with those, but something like this is extremely rare and highly desirable. Nice pick up, James

Thanks for looking at it, Terrier!  Glad you like it.  I appreciate your comments.  I kind of like knowing he signed it when he was just your average “Joe” (Tom), and not even he knew he was going to become the GOAT!


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