Your opinion on the following U2 graphs would be much appreciated:

- book signed by Bono, Adam and Edge.

- foto signed by Bono who also draw a hat on his head.

- foto signed by Adam Clayton in London, october 2015.

Thanks for helping!

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I'd say all real. 

I caught those in that seller link you posted. They actually seem okay.

Thanks Rich and Bruce, it's great to have knowledgable friends like you guys!
looks good to me too... larry's bare chest on the other hand is a different story!
Haha Jason, come on now! Admit it, I know you like it... ;-)

Thanks for helping!
Comparing them to my peace they look pretty legit to me as well
Thanks Tim!

Since I'm a hard-core U2 fan I would live to see your piece! Here's my little collection if interested:


While on the subject, what are people's opinions on these signed music sheets by the band?

They look signed by the same hand(s) - being sold by different sellers.

The provenance for one is that it was obtained from a Hollywood Foreign Press Association member. They sometimes get swag to influence their voting process for the Golden Globes. Does anyone know if U2 ever signed something like this to promo "The Gangs of New York" during Awards season in 2002???






Not even close. Bottom of the barrel forgeries.

noooo bueno!


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