U2 signed guitar... Can I please get some opinions?

Hello everybody

An auction house have this u2 signed guitar in the catalog for their next auction. As a u2 collector myself with years of knowledge in u2graphs I do have my own clear thoughts about these piece. But I would like to hear what other people with knowledge in u2graphs thinks of this guitar..

Thanks in advance..

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These don't look like real U2 autographs. I have problems with all four of them. And I guess that is your thoughts too?

Yes there really is no doubt on this item. This is a very poor forgery... and honestly I don`t think you even have to be very into u2-autographs to see that this aint authentic.

And that`s why its so sad to see reputable auctions list bad items like this, and even after contacting them and letting them be aware of this they say they have confidence in the item and wont research more or pull the item from the auction.

It`s a shame and just confirms how important it is to be your own expert and do your own research. No matter who/where you buy from!

Which auction house?  If they won't listen to reason, they deserve to be called out.  They deserve to be called out for that bad judgement regardless.  That's terrible and doesn't say very much about how they run their show.

Yes, honestly I expected more knowledge from such a reputable auction house......

here`s the auction:


Wow . . . and someone actually has bid on that?

I`m afraid so... Somebody will get burned! $1250 now (incl buyers premium) and still 6 days left of auction.

Agree with Bjarne.  Almost every U2 fully signed guitar you find out there is going to be fake.  This one is no exception.  None of the signatures are really on target at all.  The Clayton is especially bad.

Don't like the look of these!

The Edge is the only one that looks good to me (although...one signature looking good in a band signed thing is never a good sign...uh...no pun intended)

I guess the "E" looks okayish, but the rest of the signature is a complete mess.  Sort of looks like the forger tried to make it looked rushed, but it just looks ridiculous.

This looks like one of those that come from those "gallery" type stores in high end places.

Agree. looks very much like the framed trash you get from those 2 stores in Las vegas and San Fransisco known for selling forgeries....



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