Has anyone ever seen a US Grant Mediterranean Ship's Pass?  I happen to own one, but I have never seen another.  Dr. Saffro

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I've naturally seen 4 language sea letters signed by Grant but actually have not seen any vignetted ships passes after James Buchanan. Why don't you show your item so we can all be educated?

I will photograph the Grant DS and post it, when I return to IL in January. 

I have seen Lincoln vignetted ships passes, but no other Grant passes other than my own.

yes, that would be a very interesting item to see.  I also recall having seen one or two Lincoln signed ships passes but I do not recall ever having seen one signed by anyone later than Lincoln, including Andrew Johnson prior to Grant's terms or Hayes after Grant's terms making it very curious as to why one would have been signed by Grant, at a time in the 19th century when a Mediterranean pass would have seemed unnecessary--although why the need faded out is not really clear to me since recent events seem to suggest that the sorts of actions leading to the Treaty of Algiers in 1795, and the need for Stephen Decatur, may have subsided somewhat, but not entirely disappeared. 

Paul, here it is!  Dr. Saffro

Very beautiful document Richard especially with the upper complimentary part which as you know is absent for a ship under sail. I have a similar document for Buchanan which is uncommon in itself; yours is rarer by virtue of the date and signer. Congratulations and thanks for exhibiting. I see that you went to CMS and got your boards one year before me. Are you still selling? If so, how does one find out what items you have for sale?
Paul, I have an extensive inventory of fine US historical letters and documents.
Please reach me at rksaffro@gmail.com

I no longer practice Medicine. What Medical field are you in?




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