Hey, So i'm looking for a Walking Dead cast signed photo - and stumbled upon this, although the price makes me think its too good to be true..cant really find anything online, good or bad on the seller. The seller is 'fameshop' - and seems to have a few walking dead photos..some of his photos like the signed bridesmaids cast picture actually shows pictures of the cast signing the photo..but most don't, and really don't wanna waste £200 on a cheap 10 x 8 forged photo that i could sign myself ha.I'm assuming its a fake.but i'd like to know your opinions on this. Massive thanks :)

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I've never been a big fan of seemingly choreographed multiple signors. They're all basically the same size, equally spaced, written at the same angle in respect to each other, they all exhibit the same slant, and the same style of handwriting, in fact, they all actually look like they could be signed by the same hand. So without even knowing what each one of these cast member's handwriting looks like, without even searching exemplars for comparison, were I to spot this piece displayed on a dealer's board at a convention, just a glance at this alone would incentivize me to walk a little faster past his table and keep going. :) 

If you are set on a cast piece, you should stick with an official signing like something from SDCC, the cast has appeared there every year and signed a limited number of prints during each visit. It is the most cost effective way of getting an authentic piece, aside from attending one of the many conventions where random cast members sign for a fee.

I don't know anything about this seller but this is one of the San Diego pieces


Vast difference. A stark contrast of originality when compared to the former.



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