What do you think of Strickler's Celeb Autographs?

I have read a few posts about his stuff being questionable. He has been in business for years. Is he legit?

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Yikes, I don't think this is a good sign.

I don't know how long he has been in business, but I see nothing at all real on his site.

Definitely a name I remember from the 90s, but it seems like a lot of those old school dealers just aren't very good anymore, if they ever actually were at all.

Nothing real as Pete and Rich said

This came from Lon Strickler's Celeb Autographs.....Ill let everyone make their own decision.

I find that if you crumble it up into a ball repeatedly, it starts to soften enough, so that you can wipe with it.  

I share your concerns about Strickler Autographs. They are pretty good at marketing and still seem to do a lot of business, though. Once a collector builds confidence in a dealer, they often don't realize there may be problems unless they try to sell. 

The two Uma Thurman Kill Bill 8x10's in "gold sharpie" are blatant forgeries.



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