Who has been the most difficult in-person Autograph to get?

I would have to say, for me, that Scottie Pippen has been the most difficult to get. He never does public signings, or make appearances, even though he played the majority of his Career in Chicago.

What does everyone else think?

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Certainly a tough one! Mine was Marlon Brando when he was alive at least.
In my case it has been Madonna. It took me 4 days and nights to get her autograph back in 1990. But it was all worth it!
Hi Bjarne,

Madonna is a terrific autograph to have. Why did it take you 4 days and nights to acquire her auto? What was the setting?

I just read in the September 2009 issue of Autograph Magazine that it took collector Zoltan Marian 38 years (and multiple attempts) to obtain the Sultan of Brunei's auto.
Hello Daniel.

The reason why it took me 4 days and night to get the autograph from Madonna was that this was during her Blond Ambition Tour in Sweden 1990. And when she is on tour she hardly sign at all. So that is the story.
Wow, that's odd. Because I found the Sultan of Brunei an easy autograph to get. We just had lunch yesterday, and he signed 20 head shots for me. But that's another story for another time.

Damn, I'd love a Brando so badly for my collection. I had always heard he was tough. I even saw a clip of one autograph collector asking him, while he was getting into an SUV, and Brando didn't even look at the dude.

Speaking of Pippen, Jordan is someone I met in the locker room. I had a press pass for an Olympic basketball game, and he was having a great time joking with Barkley, but he wouldn't sign for me. I followed him everywhere, and he finally grabbed my paper angrily, and then signed it (right over another player, but oh well).

Sometimes these people get something in their minds...like that you're going to sell it, or who knows what, and the won't sign no matter what the circumstances.

That's why when I interview them, if they have a reputation as being a bad signer, I explain all about collection, and how if someone has 20 different photos, they can refuse that person. Or only sign one of theirs. But don't hold back and signing for collectors or true fans.
For me, Hulk Hogan was over 12 years in the making. I still need 8 items signed, anyone want to help? lol
I met Hulk at the Mann Theater in Westlake Village, Ca. I here this deep laugh behind me, and sure enough it was Hulk with is entire family. This was in 2003. He posed for photos, and signed a couple autographs (one on my ticket stub, the other on a plain white page.)

Yeah Brando was tough. My friend and I had heard a rumor that he would talk to people waiting outside his house through the intercom while watching them on closed circut tvs. We took a chance and went to his house armed (photos/ pens etc). After 14 hours of "chatting" with myself, and others he came out, and signed my "Street Car Named Desire" 8x10, and a few God Father photos for others. He commented on my shot saying that it reminded him of better days. Sad in a way.

I also have a Madonna. It was signed by her backstage during the "Who's That Girl" tour. A friend of mine had won back stage passes from 102.7 Kiss Fm Radio. we went back, and she was very stand offish, but signed anyway.

Come to think of it I would have to add Elizabeth Taylor to my list of difficult signers. She signed a vintage 8x10 print from "Cleopatra" for me, but I had to wait a few days to get it. She was shopping in and out of LA, and a store clerk from one of her stops told me she was coming back in a few days to pay for an item she placed on hold. I waited a few days, and sure enough she went back to the same store. When I asked for the signature on her way out I she made me "convince" her that I was not selling the photo. I asked her to personalize it to me. She asked to see my ID first!!!!!!!!!! LOL! She did sign though after she saw I was a fan, and that I was not an "autograph hound" which I am certianly not! It was fine in the end, and she was very gracious and gave me a hug to boot.
I have several Liz Taylor's, It might have helped that I was her Mother's nurse once, I was also an AIDS Hospice Nurse. I went to an Aprile Millo Concert in Pasadena and she sat behind me in her Emerald outfit and her Emeralds. She also signed a beautiful Bruce Weber Photo for me, I got a birthday greeting from her, Also when she received the APLA Award, I got her autograph, all told I have six items signed by her. She has always been very gracious to me when I approached her. I got many of my signatures during the time I was a nurse for Janet Gaynor, Wm. Powell, Eric Severereid, Randolph Scott, Buddy Rich, Jackie Coogan, Andrea Leeds, Red Skelton, Hal Smith (Otis the Drunk), Parents of many celebs, Zelma Diamond, The Baby Sitter from "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead", and many more
Chris, Hogan is doing some book signings in October in Chicago and NY. Maybe you can connect to a collector in those areas?
Chris, Hulk Hogan is going to be doing a book signing in Chicago at the end of October. He might sign other items with the purchase of a book. What are you looking to get signed?
Mine was definately Paul Mccartney I chased him for 3 days and finally got him the last night at 3am in the morning at the airport. It was all worth it though!
Okay...getting Madonna backstage would be cool enough. Just because of who she is. But talking to Brando for 14 hours? Then gaining his confidence and getting him to come out, holy crap. That might be the best autograph story I've ever heard. Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for posting that (and please...if you want to trade, I've got an amazing collection of musicians on albums...email me your favorite, and we'll talk!)

The ID story with Liz is funny. Because, if you're having it personalized, what is she thinking? That you're having it personalized to someone that will buy it on ebay (that conveniently has that same name). Speaking of Liz, I heard her comment on Michael Jackson the other day. Someone asked her WHY they were such great friends. And she said because he had a life similar to hers, and he was the most generous man. But ya know what? He really wasn't generous. In fact, he was very greedy. I don't want to get into all the details of that right now, but he did charity things, sure, but hardly ever donated money. And one charity he started had to stop, because he didn't do enough financially for it (one that brought kids to his estate...which is weird for a whole host of other reasons)



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