I think most of us joined this site to get advice on autographs, discuss autographs and continue to learn about the hobby we invest so much time and money into.

Whose signature out there, from a list of absolutely anyone, would you most like to get down pat?

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Tom Brady.   I estimate that 90% of the brady sigs on ebay are fake. I have studied his style for years, but I don't have enough examples of proven signatures to be 100% sure

have tri-star, in-person, R&R & a few others that are unquestionably authentic but also on Mounted Memories ones saw a different style.  I posted one over on the "shining thread" that I was having a problem with with the "authenticity meter" imo leaning in the opposite direction.  See what you think?

hey DB. I took a look at the Brady you posted. (it took me a while to find it!)

I do not think that one is authentic.  Its fairly close, but there are a few things about it that I do not like, and you made reference to one of them.

Mohammad Ali...he is a sick legend...and his names are all over the place in the fake category...

Yeah, I think you pretty much have to choose an autograph that is often faked. Otherwise you can learn the secretarials and kind of get the hang of the genuine signature and be pretty good when you're scouting that person's autograph, but that's not true when it comes to an auto like Muhammad Ali.

My choices would likely be either Bela Lugosi or Marlon Brando. They both were at the forefront of their genres and are highly sought out today. I'm just not as good with their signatures as I'd like to be.



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