Hello Friends. I hope I did this right. I know Willie's autograph has changed over the years. I need your thoughts on this ball. It came with no COA and I kind of  took a chance. Thanks.

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I would lean authentic, although the "M" looks a little different to me. See what others say.

Im leaning the other way.  a couple of inconsistencies.  I would run it by PSA.

I think the Mays forgeries are starting to pick up, but I was probably wrong last time. Of course similar sigs were shown after I gave my opinion.

Thank you for your thoughts. I think what I'm getting here from you is a maybe, probably not.

The swirl above the M bugs me. A PSA quick opinion might help. The only area I trust them at all is with some of the sports hall of famers because the have many good examples to look at. Most of the time when I give an opinion I don't look at other signatures, I just don't have time. Basically I give my own free quick opinions from collecting 35 years, however Im not always up to date sometimes when signatures change.

I was concerned about the swirl above the M but initially said lean authentic. Well, I'm reversing my lean. I do now think it's likely not authentic.


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