Hi guys your thoughts please on this signed floyd wall double lp.

This is quite a nice find as i required this direct from a very close friend of drummer nick mason in the world of motorsport, a mr colin crabbe.Iv spoke to colin many times regarding this lp and he tells me this signed lp was a personal gift from nick to his children in 1986.Inclosed in one of the photos is a personal note stating these facts.The autograph that intriges me the most is dave gilmours as his is not the easist to obtain.best wishes to all ian..

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Here are a few more pics.Oh in case for some colin crabbe the guy whome i purchased this lp from was and is a high profile gent in the world of classic motorsport and was once involved in formula 1 racing back in the 60's and a close friend of nick mason.

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Sorry, but I have serious doubts about Waters and David´s autographs.... On other side - Mason looks good to me... Really strange item.

Hi peter can you be more discriptive to your thoughts please.I know you have rogers autograph obtained in person but iv been assured by the vender that rogers and daves was obtained by nick mason then passed on to vender via no third party?.I know from experiance slight notation differences do occure and these was obtained back in 86.With daves his surman in this example is different than most that i do admit but his christian name in this example looks right.Signings and notations can all vary due to the place and times,pre gig or post or simply at leasure.

I tend to agree with Peter. although the conditions of the signing could account for the variation of the piece. What surprises me though, is that if Nick got David and Roger to sign it personally, i would imagine they would sign it in a better way than they do most quick autographs. That being said, the one that bothers me the most is Gilmour, their is just something going on their i dont like, and if this was signed for a friend, i would think it would be a more typical signature. Also, alot of items i have seen of David, including the ones that i own, have a personalization with them, normally Best Wishes. But thats not always the case, and im far from an expert with their sigs. A really good guy on here that knows Floyd well is Greig ( i believe the last name is McArthur). He runs the website Autographsale.net, and i believe he has a study on floyd autographs. I bought a set of Waters and Gilmours autographs from him and they are great and passed PSA with no problem.

If Roger doesnt respond id maybe send a PM to Greig. They would probably know with a great deal of certainty. Hope this helps. Here is that set i purchased from Greig. 

The Gilmours however differ in a way that makes me hesitate. I cant comment on Waters as Gilmour is the only one i feel comfortable enough to speak on. It may be fine but i have a bad feeling on it.

I disagree completely that the Waters on the page and on the album look almost identical. They are similar but far from carbon copies.  But enough of that squabbling, the Roger alone isnt what makes me hesitate Ian, its the Gilmour. It just seems atypical for him. Yet, as mentioned above, the Nick looks good and i doubt someone would forge that inscription. You may want to ask Roger on this one or ask Greig MacArthur. He is from the UK and is a member here too Ian, and he is very knowledgeable with them and has gotten each one many times. I have bought many things from him and all turned out great, so he knows his stuff. One thing is for sure though Ian, if its real its a great piece and quite rare as i seriously doubt you will see David signing any group items anytime soon. Good luck to you and i hope it turns out for the best.

Hi guys iv been reading your comments with interest and i know exactly that this set of autographs and the rarity of david autograph on a group lp will cause a stir to make us all wonder if these autographs are genuine to the point.

Now iv just emailed colin crabbe and this is his reply.You can search for him under wicki p.

Good morning ian,

I should be most surprised if the sigatures are not genuine!.My younest lucinda used to chat dave gilmour up at race meetings.Actually we all knew him and nick sent the children the album with the assurance that the others had signed the album for him to pass on.Nick and i competed in the same historic class for years.I was the faster driver but he had the better cars!.

Kind regards colin.


So i need the help of the experts on this one..Iv got reasonable knowledge of what to look out for with regards to strokes and notations and im not convinced that these autographs are as dubious as some may think.Remember david is not keen on signing group related items and hates being gang pressed so maybe he was pressed into signing the lp and signed in a token fashion..



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