Emerson Lake & Palmer - Fine Art Print, possible scam Posted by Seleznev Dmitri on May 24, 2016 at 3:58am in Music Autographs & MemorabiliaView Discussions Last year I discovered on the Emerson Lake & Palmer official web site a beautiful Art Print signed by all three members of legendary progressive rock band. Provenance, condit, etc. all looks legit. Plus: this is official web site! Placed an order immediately. Week passed and item wasn't shipped out. Contacted management ( good communication by the way) and was told there are some technical problems. Another week passed, nothing shipped out, contacted again and was told that they can not collect a signature from Greg Lake, it will take about a month. Kind a surprise since it has been advertised that all prints are pre-signed! But I wanted it really bad so decided to wait. 2 month passed and still nothing. Finally, I cancelled transaction and requested a full refund. No problem. But just now, when I found out that Keith Emerson passed away I tried to obtain a desirable artifact again. This time I contacted management first and was confirmed by manager Daniel Earnshaw that there is a stock of art print with all signatures is available. Placed an order. Five days later received email stated : due to the stock demands item will not be shipped until end of June ( today is May 24). I cancelled transaction and requested refund. Now, a lots of questions are going through my mind, such as: 1. Yesterday ITEMS are available and today they are not. Possible. But how are you going to collect a signature from the dead person??? 2. If you follow the link and check a web site it states that art prints already signed and numbered. So if you are out you are out. 3. Second time, same story. Made a payment but item is unavailable but still advertised. The whole thing smells really bad. What do you think, fellow collectors? Mr. Cyrkin, what is your opinion on this case? If you need additional information I'll be happy to provide it. Thanks a bunch everyone in advance. Dmitri. Emerson Lake and PalmerEmerson Lake and Palmer Tags: Art, ELP, Fine, Print, Like Share ▼ Reply to This Upload Files


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From the photos provided on the site.....the Greg Lake signature has been photoshopped onto the print. Looks like they are being very forthright, they have prints signed and ready to go soon as Greg signs the remainder of pieces waiting to ship. There is no reason to photoshop (copy & paste) Greg's signature unless they are waiting for him to sign.

Use your credit card, buy the print and wait. If you don't have it by end of July, contact your card and dispute the charges.

As autograph fans we have to be patient sometimes. Greg may be on a long vacation or touring, he may be out of the country.  

If you really want the print, go for it. Keith won't be signing more.

Thanks for the quick reply but you are missing the point, brother. Check web site first.

1. Prints already signed in person.

2. Greg Lake wasn't reachable last year, this time - they didn't give any explanation "why", just "end of June". ( initially confirmed that is available)

3. All print are signed and numbered.

I understand what you are saying, but the image they provide has a print without Greg Lake's signature on it. It has been digitally added to the image they show.

They likely had more prints signed to meet demand. Now they are waiting on Greg.

At least this is what I see here.

It doesn't change the fact that Keith isn't signing anymore, and if you want one,take your chances, just be patient.

My point that they are awaiting G.Lake signature ( if you are right) since 2015. I think I was pretty patient. Also, it shows on the photograph Greg Lake actually signing the print.

Anyway, thanks a bunch for your opinion. Cheers.

In addition: before I've placed an order (May 18) , on May 17 I received a message from Manager that Prints currently available and ready to ship.



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