Are you guys interested in cataloguing all Morrison's checks that have been offered so far? Ill go through my archives and post what I have soon, including my own (my first JM sig ever, approved by PSA/DNA not that it needed of course..but its one of the few approved that I have seen).

now how much is a signed check worth to me ? Around 4-6.5k$ depending on : Date/type of sig (full or not)/ condition/ look of the signature.

To be honest the most pretty ones and boldest I have seen are JackGotLucky one first and then I think my own.

Mine is also signed by some "Susan Minor" whom I still have not identified yet. If anyone has any additional Info on her/him I would be grateful!

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It would be nice to have them all in one place. I have a total of 32 checks in my files and can post what i have later on.

I'll try to add what I have and also keeping them in chronological order. I believe this one from Robbie to Jim is the earliest one I've seen. Nov. 29, 1966

December 8, 67'

So I ll start with what I have in my archives right now, not much but here they are in chronological order

18 January 1968

5 February 1968:

19 February 1968

Feb. 27, 68'

May, 68'

February, 68'

March, 68'

21 June 1968:

Another one with Pam.


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