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Story please

Signed in NYC.  Venue: Madison Square Garden.  Reverse side of the page has directions to the venue plus the set list (not written by band members).  

Why Malcom in Black and years of the signatures? Thanks.

I do not recall.  I will check my notes when i get home

If it’s signed in NYC when AC/DC was playing Madison Square Garden, it would be signed around December 2, 1981. 

When I first saw this set I would have said 1980. So I was pretty close.

Nailed it Bjarne!!!  Yes my notes confirm the same, 12/2/1981.  The handwritten setlist on the back of the autographs confirm the same, plus or minus.  Plus there are directions from Grand Central to the venue.

Can i see the back page and remember why malcom signed in black pen?

Back page is the set list, pictured in my previous reply. Malcolm in darker ink, sorry I don’t have a good reason for that. 

The Malcolm seems to go over the creases?

There are two major folds and two minor folds, to fit in a back pocket, perhaps. Malcolm is over a minor fold. Angus is over a major fold 

Autographs like this, especially with provenance such as this, for me adds “character” and charm to the autographed item.  

Autographs on paper often aren’t necessarily the most exciting item; however sometimes they’re the safest in way.  What I mean by that is they are easy to store, display, are are very resistant to fading.  Autographs on paper, if properly and easily maintained, stay bold for decades.  Just look at all the faded baseballs, basketballs, and footballs...and glossy photos.  Black sharpie can be an autograph killer on the aforementioned items, but not so much on paper.

I agree with you wholeheartedly 




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