I have this Monkees Lp I bought off Ebay over 5 years ago. It was sold to me as being the real deal, but I've been told they aren't real. I'm sure people fake autographs all the time, and a COA doesn't mean a thing unless it's from an authenticated authenticator company. Curious as to what others think about this? Real? Fake? could be? Don't Know? Any info. would be appreciated.

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Sorry, but these definitely look fake to me too.

That's what I think too.. the seller or someone faked the sigs. more than likely and then sold them as real.

Yes, they all appear to be in the same hand. Sorry for the bad news.

Not close, sorry

I hate it when people or sellers off ebay sell items/sigs as being real. The only thing I do have that I know IS real, is an original One Sheet Movie Poster of Titanic signed by Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Gloria Stuart, Bill Paxton, James Cameron, Billy Zane, Francis Fisher, Kathy Bates and a few others like the one that played the Captain and the one that built Titanic. There were only 50 of them signed at the premiere of the movie when it was new. I haven't seen any more of them since I bought this poster over 10 years ago.

I have a legit  Monkees lp and these don't look anything like the real signatures. Davy Jones isn't even close. I have to agree with all the others that say no - fakes. 

G'day Del, like Bob I have several items from The Monkees and I am sorry to add to the bad news that you have already had but these four signatures are not even close to being legitimate :( I can only hope that you did not spend too much money on this! Is the seller still listing on eBay? Best wishes, David



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