All right, you sucked me into spending a few hours banging out a few images to show some history of the autograph that I have been most connected to, at least for authentication purposes.

Image one shows his early full signature with nearly every letter, Image 2 shows how the letters started falling away, but the A is still there and mostly fully formed with the same turn that we see in his H. Image 3 is his more modern signatures and most like what you might get today, while image 4 consists entirely of Official Pix signed items.


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His signature has def. gone down hill. Are the early ones valued much higher?

I can't speak for the rest of the Harrison Ford collecting world, but I certainly value the vintage pieces much higher than the modern street scribbles. Even with the modern official signings from Official Pix and Coolwaters etc. all you get is a HAM FRD. I would certainly rather have a piece that is signed in full. 

Thank you for this one. Ford is on my most wanted list to buy. Fisher, daniels and Baker all coming to Anaheim Star Wars convention.

That is great Ian.  Have fun at the convention.

Sorry, Im not going. It was just news for anybody interested. Im being truthful unlike the storm brewing as we read.

I am waiting for NSteiger's 20 years worth of in-person Fords, as obviously he is the real expert here on these boards. Living in Louisiana his opportunities to get Ford for decades is really impressive. I guess all those trips into NYC to get Ford at Letterman, Good Morning America, The New School, Actors Studio....was all a waste of my time. I should have just moved down south. 

First thing..... It is your profile on this site that states Metairie, LA. That is Louisiana, yet you have never been there.

You are right about having the right to think whatever you want, right or wrong. It's your opinion. 

I don't tell anyone what to think... I give an opinion. I did not tell Steve anything about the piece nor did I tell him what to say about anything...he is a professional authenticator he can make up his own mind.. It is just my opinion again..... but I doubt Steve is manning the Quick Opinion desk at PSADNA, he likely has better things to do.  

I prefer to remain anonymous so I made up a city when I registered. I was wondering where you got that from.

Umm...your profile page ON THIS SITE states Metairie, LA as your location. That is Louisiana. Man you are not helping your case at all. Seems like you can't keep the stories straight.

In the words of Mark Twain..."If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything."

Brilliant quote

Brilliant Pete, thanks a lot



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