Hi Everyone, I don't post much, but wanted to share my week with you. I have bought and sold many Beatles pieces over the years so I considered myself somewhat educated in the field. always considering full sets to be the ultimate. I owned three sets. My first set was a signed album page that I purchased from RR back in there 90's before they started doing auctions. It naturally came with their lifetime guarantee. I also purchased a fully signed Beatles photo from Myron Ross of Heroes and Legends around the same time. Before you laugh, this was before Ross started getting himself in trouble with bad material. I thought I did my home work on this, I purchased it with the agreement that it would be inspected by a respected authenticator in the industry. I won't disclose his name, but he basically ran the UACC, was a founding member and boast about his extensive credentials. I believed at the time that I couldn't be in better hands. The agreement was at the time that Ross would send the item to this gentleman, if it was authentic the purchase would go through. I received a call from MR UACC he did a thorough examination and I was assured it was absolutely authentic, he added that it was one of the best Beatles examples he had ever seen! It followed by his impressive LOA, detailing how the ink and paper was period correct. The photo came with great provenance. It came from the collection of Stanley Simmons who was a producer and costume designer on broadway and Hollywood in the 60's and 70's. My third Beatles set is a fully signed Pixerama Book which was purchased from More than Music from the UK it had a Frank C authentication. I even called Frank before the purchase. He was kind enough to send me an updated letter at no charge. Im planning a wedding for my daughter and planned on parting with one or two of them so I starting shopping them around. I sent Jason from Tracks a few scans of the photo, he could not come up with a conclusion one way or the other. I then sent it to Roger Epperson, he thought it looked good from the scans but needed to  see it before he could issue a full letter. He concluded the the signatures were indeed stamped, not hand signed. I then sent him a scan of my RR album page. Roger concluded that it was signed by Neil Aspinall...not the Beatles. It was a bad day for sure. I spoke to Fiona at RR...no questions asked, just send it back and well refund you immediately. If Roger says its bad...its bad. Now on to Heroes and Legends. I called Myron Ross, yes he's still in business. I explained that Roger Epperson states that the photo is stamped and he immediately advised me to send it back for a refund. I had to wait for the piece to come back from Roger and sent it to Myron with Rogers letter. I received the full refund via paypal within hours of him receiving it. For anyone considering anything Beatles, do yourself a favor and run it by Roger Epperson, his quick opinion fee is $15.00 for goodness sake. I have to say that although it was quite disappointing that two thirds of my beloved collection was bad, I am pleased how both companies stood by their guarantees. I have read many negative things about Myron over the years, but in this case, he treated me with great respect. As for the authenticator from the UACC, he basically told me that he was out of the business, and stated that everyone has a bad day and "Guess i missed that one" I'm not stating his name because he told me he was suffering from dementia...not sure if thats true or not. His name, achievements and credentials still appear on the UACC website. I paid him close to $300.00 for his authentication, and went forward with a several thousand dollar investment based on his "educated opinion".  I requested a refund by email, but received no response. The good news is, I still own my Pixerama Book which is even more special to me today! I know its been said on here before, Mr Roger Epperson is the man! 

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Comment by Adam Halloran on February 13, 2018 at 2:18pm

I have dealt with Frank Caiazzo, Jason from Tracks, Roger Epperson, and Perry Cox. They are all great. 

The nice thing is that now that the internet is more prevalent and so much information is out there now to investigate sources like Myron Ross. With websites like AML where you can do your own digging on who or what to trust. 

Feel free to share your photos too. 


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