A movie with no autograph signing, and a TV star that is signing

I saw the movie Funny People. An amazing film. It was funny. It tugged at the heart strings.

The one thing that surprised me, though, was the main character (Adam Sandler) is a famous comedian who has become a famous movie star (much like the real Adam Sandler). He's done a string of horrible films, that make a lot of money (Mer-man, which is him as a mermaid...and Re-do, which is a baby with his head on it, talking like an adult).

Anyway, they Sandler walking around, and everyone wants a photo taken with him. As a comedian, he tries to be funny during this. He grabs one guys breast and says "Okay, here...let me grab a little tit for this photo." And with everyone having cell phone cameras, it's very believable.

But, as an autograph collector, I don't understand why they didn't show a single scene with a person asking for an autograph. It made no sense.

The smaller picture about a former famous person, staring John Malkovich (The Amazing Buck Howard)...had lots and lots of autographs. Even giving autographed photos to people that didn't request them. It was hysterical.

But I digress.

On to Gilligan's Island.

Ginger or Mary Ann? Well, it's Mary Ann this time.

Actress Dawn Wells had a garage sale. She apparently isn't hard up for money, the way Willie Aames (Eight is Enough, Charles in Charge) was when he recently had one. She was talking about having a few homes, one being in Palm Springs. And she quoted George Carlin, who talks about a home storing all your stuff. And how you acquire more stuff, and when you travel you take some of your stuff with you.

With every person that made a purchase at her garage sale, she gave a free autograph.

I'm not sure, though, if the lookie-loos also got a signature. I have to think it would be bad form for her to turn down the requests.

Although, I'd love to see someone trying to talk her down on an ashtray she was selling for a quarter. A buyer would say "I'll pay the quarter, if you throw in two autographs."

Garage sales always fascinate me. Someone could be selling a big screen TV for a dollar, and someone would want to offer you fifty cents for it.

No word on if she autographed any of the actual products people bought, but I'm sure she probably did.

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