Well, for musicians, they want their faces on the cover of a Rolling Stone. Just ask Dr. Hook.

For athletes, I suppose it's Sports Illustrated. The other two things they like, is announcing they'll be going to Disneyland. And, having their face on the box of Wheaties. After all, Sports Illustrated has a different issue each week. That's a lot of athletes. Wheaties only puts the Tiger Woods, Michael Phelps, and athletes like that on the box.

I used to play basketball with former Charger and Bills quarterback Doug Flutie, and I remember when he was in Buffalo, they had "Frutie Flakes" with a portion of the money going to a charity that helped his son (who I believe was autistic).

Buffalo, the city of cereal I guess, is now creating one for the latest Bills receiver. Terrell Owens, who couldn't keep teammates in San Francisco, Philadelphia, or Dallas from hating him. Which is amazing, considering during those times, he was always one of the top receivers in the sport.

400 fans turned out at a suburban Rochester supermarket when they unveiled the breakfast cereal called "T.O.'s Honey Toasted Oats."

Owens showed up at the supermarket and signed a few autographs, gave a few sound bites...to go along with the bites of cereal from people opening the boxes. Of course, the hard-core collectors don't open the boxes. They not only collect them, but love to get them autographed. I've always found the boxes to be very bulky, and would hate to a sports collector that has to deal with all of those (it was so much easier as a kid, when Hostess put 3 baseball cards on the bottom of their Twinkies and Ding Dongs. You could just cut them with scissors, and it took no space. Of course, boxes that aren't cut, are now worth so much more. But I digest...I just ate a few Hostess Snoballs).

The bills have announced that they have sold more than 50,000 season tickets with the addition of T.O., and that fans are wearing Owens' #81 jersey.

For you Jewish readers, the cereal is kosher. And if you want to order a box, they're available at: plbsports.com/liedteowt.html

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Comment by Robert Babb on August 22, 2009 at 6:15am
My daughter likes collecting some autographs as well. She has a box of hanna montana cereal that she might save to get autographed some day!


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