An Autograph Request Leads to a Marriage

I’ve told this story before, but as a kid I was getting autographs after a San Diego Clippers game. They had played the Chicago Bulls, and we were all anxious to get their best player -- Reggie Theus (this was before they got Michael Jordan). It wasn’t that he was on the all-rookie team, or an all-star two different times, that one woman wanted his autograph. She was more impressed with his good looks. I watched as she kept going on and on about how great he played that night (he didn’t, only scoring 9 points). He was sitting in his car, smiling, and she wouldn’t let him go. Finally, she asked if he wanted to go hang out at a club (after asking for his autograph). He thanked her but said he had to go.

I thought about that when I heard about David Hasselhoff getting married for the third time. Now, most people are going to flip because of the age difference (he’s 66, she’s 38). I was happy to find out his fiance of a few years is at least 10 years older than his daughters, but it was creepy to see that one of his daughters has the same name -- Hayley (she’s 25). It’s odd enough if you’re dating a woman almost 30 years younger, but then one that has the same name as your daughter? In high school I once dated a girl named Judy. That was the same name as my mom, and that was creepy enough. It probably only worked because I called my mom “mom” and not “Judy.” But I digress.

Are you wondering how the Hoff meet this Welsh model? Well, she asked for his autograph in a hotel back in 2011. He was judging the show “Britain’s Got Talent” and they were doing auditions. She went up and asked for his John Hancock, and instead got his….[oh calm down, Steve; I wasn’t going to write that] number. You see, he replied with the line, “I’ll give you the autograph on one condition. You give me your number.”

Five years later, they were at a picnic in Malibu when Hoff popped the question.

An old girlfriend of mine, who is still a good friend, did something else with David Hasselhoff. At some local event a few years ago, he was doing a fundraiser. If you donated a certain amount of money, you and five of your friends could have dinner with him. I don’t remember the amount she paid for that honor, but it was thousands. I gave her such a hard time. I mean, I once paid $500 to have dinner with Paul McCartney, but that’s a friggin’ Beatle. And a more popular singer. Well, except in Germany.

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Comment by Joe W. on August 2, 2018 at 4:27pm

William Shatner should read this blog. He just might meet the next Mrs. Bill. Just by saying "yes" to an autograph request.

Comment by James on August 9, 2018 at 12:19pm

Personally, the age difference doesn’t matter to me at all.  At 38, this woman has been an adult for many years.  I’m sure no one pressured her into marrying Hasselhof.  She can make her own decision about what’s right for her.  I believe President Trump was like 60 when he married 36yo Melania, a 24-year difference.  My best friend is a 52yo MD whose wife is 27.  As long as the two people involved are consenting adults, age is just a number.  Many older, well-off men decide to look for a young wife.  Are these men any worse than the young woman who is looking for financial security?  Hopefully, there’s more to it than just looks and money.  But these arrangements have been going on since the beginning of time.

Comment by Andrew Alderton on August 9, 2018 at 3:37pm

True story. I was at the Indianapolis 500 in the early 80’s and I was in the trophy area a few hours before the race and there is Hasselhoff walking around and he comes up to me out of the blue and says “Do you want an autograph?” I politely said no thank you and I watched as he asked a many others if they wanted it. A few took him up on it. But In all my years before and since I have never been asked by a celebrity if I wanted their autograph. In hindsight I should have probably gotten it. But I always felt kind of sad seeing him trying to give his autograph to anyone with few takers. He was nice though.

Comment by Josh Board on August 10, 2018 at 12:12pm

Andrew...that is the best story I've ever heard regarding a celeb and autographs. I've seen many sign autographs, WHEN THEY WERE NOT asked. For example, 4 people ask the star for a signature. And they sign for a 5th person that is just walking by that says "Who are you? " or something like that. But that story is classic. Thanks for sharing it.


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