Autograph Talk -- with David J and Seth Myers

Two autograph things in the media recently that I thought I’d share. In the Union-Tribune in San Diego, they did an interview with Goth, alt-rocker David J (from the bands Bauhaus and Love & Rockets). His real name is David John Haskins, but he goes by his stage name. And he’s always good about signing autographs in town (he lives in the North County). Perhaps he’s so nice because he does the whole Kickstarter campaigns to fund records (at least he’s done his second record that way).

When the U-T reporter told him the song “You Suit a Rainy Day” reminded him of a Ray Davies song, David J was thrilled. He replied, “Thank you very much – one of my all-time favorites.”

He then shared a story that fans always like hearing from their musical idols.

“The first concert I went to was The Kinks in London. I stood out in the rain afterward to get Ray Davies’ autograph.”

Then tonight I was watching Seth Myers (former Saturday Night Live news anchor and head writer). He does the late night show that Jimmy Fallon used to do before he jumped over to The Tonight Show.

He told one of those stories autograph collectors hate to hear. It’s about the people that get autographs to sell.

Myers said that when he leaves the building there are often guys waiting for autographs. He said, “Usually they’re waiting for somebody like Justin Beiber, not usually me. Sometimes they ask me to sign an autograph. I can usually tell which ones are the fans of mine and which ones want to get my autograph just to sell it. I realized this guy yesterday wasn’t a fan when he said, ‘I really, really love your show.’ I said, ‘Hey, thanks man. What’s your favorite part of the show?’ He then said ‘I really, really like when you interview people.’”

Myers laughed and continued telling us the story by saying, “I’d like to take credit for that, but…instead he just asked me if I’d sign another autograph. I was on to him, and he thought he’d show me he really is a fan, so he asked ‘How do you like working for NBC so far?’”

Myers reminded us he’s been with them for 17 years (since SNL was filmed there). Myers slyly smiled as he finished the story by saying, “So…I know he just wants to sell my autograph, but the joke is on him because…nobody wants to buy my autograph!”

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Comment by Cogo on April 25, 2014 at 6:17am

Love your stories Josh! Keep them coming... :-)

Comment by Robert Babb on April 25, 2014 at 7:50am

FUNNY story about seth myers josh!


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