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Dalshire International Auction Mickey Mantle Forgeries COA GFA Stephen Rocchi

I just happened to stumble upon a company titled Dalshire International that is selling under the Live Auctioneers platform.

First a link to some of their items.


As you can clearly observe, they are selling the same forgeries sold by a company (out of business) called AtAuction/AlwaysAtAuction that sold thousands upon thousands of forgeries to thousands of consumers.

It's the same garbage with COAs from that sham authentication company called Guaranteed Forensic Authenticators (GFA) headed by Stephen Rocchi.

Here are some screenshots.

Click your mouse on the below images to get a closer view.

You can bet the winners of this crap will be flipping this garbage on Ebay.

The above are all the same forgeries sold by AtAuction/AlwaysAtAuction headed by John House when they were in business.  

These are being sold under the Live Auctioneers auction platform.

The above also basically copies processed on inkjet paper.

You can bet that the winners of that crap, will be trying to flip them on EBay.

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Comment by Barry Hanburger on May 8, 2021 at 5:44pm

I agree..they are crooks and the fact that everything is sold matted should be a tell tale 

sign that there are issues..how can legitimate auction sites list their crap..

Barry H

Comment by Jason on December 13, 2022 at 7:59pm

Agree... this is a sham company selling forgeries.  Hard to find a reputable COA that accompanies any of their high priced items. 


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