Jonah Hill was on David Letterman the other night, to talk about his latest film "Get Him to the Greek" (it was funny, but could've been better).

He talked about a guy next to him smacking him in the face. The guy was sleeping and he woke him up. This passenger explained he had "night terrors" when he went to sleep and he apologized (before falling back asleep). It was hsyterical. You wonder why if someone doesn't have a condition like that, they avoid sleeping on a plane. Or, as Hill said to Letterman, "Tell me that before you fall asleep and give me the heads up."

The better airplane story involves being recognized.

He was sitting next to one guy, and started to explain to him "I've been in some movies, and I think those people over there recognize me." He had seen them pointing and staring and overheard things like "I'm going to just go over and talk to him."

When a man approached, Hill looked at this guy and said "Here it comes."

The man approaching then said, "Mr. Sedaka, I'm a huge fan. I was wondering if I could get an autograph."

As the crowd laughed Jonah Hill explained, "I was sitting next to Neil Sedaka on a plane. I didn't even know who that was. I had to Google when I got home and....he is a very talented man. Great songwriter. I was so embarassed, though."

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Comment by Stephen Duncan on May 22, 2010 at 6:02am
Great Neil Sedaka story Josh!!! Thats too funny.............


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