The Confederate Flag -- The Dukes of Hazard Edition

The Confederate flag. I’m not a fan.

I remember 25 years ago, meeting a friends husband from South Carolina. He had one on the back of his Army jacket. We had this debate about it, and I could totally see his points for having pride in it. I didn’t have a dog in the fight, so I didn’t debate the topic with him for that long. I was also younger, and my debate skills weren’t as strong.

As someone from a Jewish family (none of which are religious in any way), I could understand the hatred of the swastika (even non-Jews feel that way). Yet here in San Diego, there’s a swimming pool that has swastikas all around it. Every five years, some tourist will complain about it, and there’s talk of retiling the thing. Yet it was built in 1908 when the swastika meant something else. In fact, Indians had been using that symbol for a completely different reason.

Yet there comes a time when symbols meanings change.

I once had a Charlie Chaplin mustache (because of a girlfriend, long story). Everyone thought I was a Nazi, or loved Hitler. Yes…it’s safe to say, Hitler ruined an entire mustache forever.

Now, I’m not here to talk about whether or not the Confederate flag should be taken down (although it should be). This is a website for fun, collecting, debates about things of that nature. And this all leads me into this interesting story. It’s one in which I DON’T think the Confederate flag should be removed.

Bubba Watson, the two-time Masters champ, commented after a round at the Greenbrier Classic in West Virginia recently, on the orange Dodge Charger he purchased for $100,000. It was one of the originals used in The Dukes of Hazzard show (side note: that show should’ve been pulled long ago for sucking, not because of the flag…but I digress).

Watson said he’s now going to paint over the Confederate flag, saying he’ll probably go with an American flag.

I, for one, think that’s an idiotic move.

Yes, after the killing of nine people in South Carolina, by a nutty racist dude that had photos with the flag, it’s a nice gesture. Yet when you deal with collectables, it’s a different matter.

I’m guessing my Jewish family members wouldn’t have a problem with a person that had Nazi memorabilia or Hitler signed documents. It would only be a problem if it’s glorified in certain ways.

Nobody would take an SS flag, and stitch over that.

Now, if Watson loved the show or loved collectable cars, he bought it as-is. To change that in any way decreases the value. Sure, he’s a rich professional athlete, so the value of it isn’t the least of his worries; but I think he’s making a mistake.

Currently, an auto museum in Illinois wanted to buy the car as it is now, without the flag being painted over.

Watson thinks the statement that we are all “created equal” works with an American flag. I think if he’s going that route, maybe he should paint it like this: 

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Comment by Paul on July 21, 2015 at 9:59pm

A Florida gun shop owner has banned Muslim customers from his store after a Kuwait born gunman in Chattanooga that killed 4 service people.


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