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Tim McGraw -- An Autographed Guitar, A Slap in the Face

I’m not a country music fan, so when I hear the name Tim McGraw, my first thought is of being a kid and watching his dad Tug McGraw pitch for the Phillies. As a movie critic now, my second thought is of him as an actor (he’s actually not bad). Yet two stories involving McGraw have popped up in the last few weeks.

He might be slapped with a lawsuit, after slapping a fan in a concert. A woman named Jesslyn Taylor first tried settling with his people, and now has hired a personal injury lawyer. It’s doubtful she’d be able to prove she was injured, as we all saw the video.

The concert was in Atlanta on July 13, and Taylor grabbed at his leg while he was onstage. McGraw only commented on the incident saying that you’re vulnerable when people start grabbing at you, and you instinctually react.

Perhaps slapping her in the face wasn’t the intent, but when you swing, sometimes you don’t know where that hand is going to land. And to add insult to “injury,” she was promptly escorted from the concert by security.

Some say the woman was trying to grab his crotch. Others claim she actually grabbed hard enough to rip his jeans. I haven’t seen this many eye witnesses commenting since Jim Morrison supposedly whipped it out during a concert.

Now, in a move that would certainly pack some weight if I were on the jury – a new video has now emerged. I saw the story on one of the morning news programs and it had me in tears.

A girl with Downs Syndrome was talking about how she’s a big fan of his, and they cut to the video. It was at the same show at Aaron’s Amphitheater. McGraw sat on the stage and sang “You Are So Beautiful” for his wife (Faith Hill) and three daughters. The girl and her mom were in the 14th row. Somebody offered them their second row seats instead, so they could get a better view. McGraw spotted her singing along, and invited her on stage. Somebody lifted her up there, and they sat and swayed, as he now sang the song to her. After the song they hugged, and McGraw signed the guitar and handed it to her. If ever a picture was worth a thousand words, look at this:


The girl was doing interviews talking about how much it moved her heart that he would sing to her, and she can’t stop strumming the guitar. Now, to make the story even sweeter, the woman videoing this moment, was there because she’s a huge fan. Her dog “McGraw” had just died, and she was rather sad – until witnessing this beautiful moment.

Now, if Jesslyn Taylor were smart – instead of paying a lawyer for a case she has no chance of winning – she should settle for a Taylor Guitar – signed by McGraw. His lawyers would tell him to do it and be done with the case, but if I were him – I wouldn’t. Or perhaps…I’d let my roadie do the signature, and then hand it over.

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Comment by Ian Baldock on July 28, 2014 at 6:16pm

I hope the witch and especially the lawyer get nothing. I hate it when people profit from their own stupidity.

Comment by Josh Board on July 28, 2014 at 6:23pm

You know what, Ian? I kind of changed my tune on this a little bit (no pun intended). I heard a morning show having a 35 minute discussion on it, and they brought up a lot of interesting points. One, his jeans were already ripped. Two, if you don't want people grabbing at you, don't walk into the crowd where they can (perfect example is when I interviewed this great punk band called the Kaiser Chiefs; singer told me somebody grabbed his crotch really hard while he was crowd surfing. Said he'll never do that again). Third, he apparently turned around and slapped her hand away. That would've been enough, but they said he then turned around, and slapped her face. Once you do that, it's premeditated. That's hard to get away with. A lawyer friend told me once that people don't realize what exactly premeditated murder means. If you walk in on your wife with another man, and you grab the gun right next to you and shoot and kill them -- you premeditated it. That doesn't mean you spent two weeks planning it like an episode of Forensic Files. But, you had two seconds to think about it, and your anger got the best of you. So for him to slap her hand away, and slap her face a second time -- (if that is what happened) -- well, then he might have a problem on his hands (that pun was intended)

Comment by Dan Gregory on July 28, 2014 at 10:27pm

Awesome story Josh, that is a great gesture he did and will be something the young lady will never forget getting a signed and played guitar.

As for the case, she will probably have signed away her rights when she paid for the ticket so I would be amazed if she gets anywhere. He should not have slapped her and as you say he enters the lions den so to speak when he goes to the crowd. I agree, get a cheap guitar have the roadie sign it and tell her to move on

Comment by Brian Burger on July 29, 2014 at 5:32pm

  Rampant hormones or no rampant hormones plain and simple you just don't grab somebody. She had it coming!

Comment by Josh Board on August 3, 2014 at 10:30pm

Well Brian Burger -- let me ask you this. Some artists "crowd surf", which relies on the crowd putting their hands on you, to move you. Should the crowd...uh...drop the musician to the ground? See what I mean? It's a slippery slope. And Dan Gregory -- not sure when you buy a ticket you "sign away your rights." I can put something interesting into perspective on that. If there's a concert where they are going to film...for a movie or future DVD, etc...they have to CLEARLY label that all over the venue, and when you walk in. It states that you might be filmed, and by entering the concert, you are agreeing to any possible use in said DVD etc. So....just buying a ticket doesn't mean if the lead singer hits you (as Axl Rose has done to people, or at a Joe Jackson concert when I saw him tag somebody in the arm with a mic stand)...or those punk bands that would spit on people in the crowd.

Comment by Susan Thames on August 5, 2014 at 5:15pm

well one can't say when you buy a ticket you necessarily "sign your rights away" ~ because the very  1st thought that came to my mind? the person that got killed @ that Rolling Stones Altamont concert by a hells Angel back in the 70's

Comment by Susan Thames on August 5, 2014 at 5:24pm

but I do think that people get caught up in the moment and if the star kind of gets that close to the fans..kind of teasing them, it incites some of them to want to touch the performer,now granted you would think people would be respectful but who knows if the woman was drunk or just turned on by Tim being so close to her. I do know that my 1st reaction would be what Tim's reaction was, and also I think he is a little hypersensitive about that kind of stuff since that woman in the crowd tried to take off and steal his wedding band THAT 1 TIME AT A CONCERT OF HIS..

Comment by Susan Thames on August 5, 2014 at 5:43pm

but I don't fault him....people should act with a certain amt of decorum and not be "pawing" at a performer - even if they get caught up in the moment..they need to reel their emotions in and take a step back..


Comment by Josh Board on August 9, 2014 at 11:01pm

Susan -- great point about the Rolling Stones concert...or The Who in Cincinnati. You don't sign your rights away. Yes, people get caught up in the moment, but stars have to realize -- if you leave the stage, some bad crap can go down. The problem lies in the fact that he smacked her hand away, then turned around, and smacked her face! At that point, it becomes a premeditated act.

Here's a great story everyone will love. So, Peter Frampton was at a concert the other night and somebody was holding up this huge camera phone thingy taking lots of photos. The guys behind the person couldn't see. Frampton sees this from stage, and asks the guy to stop taking pictures. The fan ignored him and kept snapping away. Frampton was visibly upset. So at one point, he said from the stage, "Well, can I at least see the photos you've taken." The fan, getting excited, says "Yes, sure," and hands him the phone. Frampton takes the phone, and throws it up into the balcony.

Hahahahahahaha. Probably a lawsuit coming from that, too...but funny as hell.


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