What do Bono and Stormy Daniels Have in Common?

Well, I'm guessing Bono isn't as fond of President Trump as Stormy Daniels seems to be.

A few autograph related things happened in national news lately, so I thought I'd do a quick write up on them.

At the Grammy's, one of the winners was backstage. During an interview, the female rapper, was excited that she got Bono's autograph. She held it up to the camera, and it looked like he also inscribed something nice to her as well. It's always nice when you find out other famous people like to get autographs of people they're fans of.

In much more interesting news, we've been hearing (and seeing) Stormy Daniels everywhere lately. She's the woman who may or may not have, had an affair with President Trump. She may, or may not have, been given $130,000 hush money before the election.

She's been coy in many of the interviews she's done, but on Jimmy Kimmel the other night, it became all about autographs. He showed various autographed photos of her, and said the signature didn't match the one that was supposedly released from her attorney. In that letter, it claims she never had an affair with Trump and was never paid any money from him. Kimmel said the signature from her didn't match all the other autographed photos of her he found. She smiled and was being vague about it all, and saying that maybe that signature on the letter wasn't hers [the next day her lawyer claimed it was her signature, and her manager and him were both witnesses to it].

Listening to Kimmel and Daniels go back and forth, reminded me of the comparisons we did on the Jerry Lee Lewis autographs.

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