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What do Samuel Jackson and Ice Cube Have in Common?

One of my guilty pleasures is the show TMZ. Sure, the crowd of goobers talking with Harvey in the studio are annoying and not all that interesting, the voice-over guy and the things they flash on screen, often have me in stitches.

Also, when the cameras are nabbing all these celebrities coming out of restaurants or clubs, sometimes their are autograph seekers. Or...should I say...autograph dealers. If you watch the show, you wonder why any celebrity would ever sign an autograph again.

One time when I met rapper/actor Ice Cube, I told him I was thinking about having him sign one of the ice cube trays, since I thought that would be funny. He kind of chuckled. I then asked him what the weirdest thing was he was ever asked to autograph. He looked up and said, "A titty" before laughing. Well, Sam Jackson had the same answer at an airport recently.

He also dropped an F-bomb, so don't watch the video with kids in the room.

Before one concert when I was talking to guitarist/singer John Mayer, he told me how much he hated signing autographs at airports, because somebody must have tipped off the autograph dealers. He said, "There's a difference between somebody seeing you at the airport and being excited, and maybe running out to their car to grab a CD of you they had in there to sign. It's another thing when somebody is waiting for you with 20 photos."

He signed my CD, as I agreed with him (and looked down nervously at the pit bull with him).

In the below video, Jackson signs a number of things, but also mentions the amount of the amount of items some people have: http://www.tmz.com/2017/07/31/samuel-l-jackson-autographs-strangest...

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Comment by Christopher on December 4, 2017 at 7:10am

Hi Josh,

Curious - do you happen to know if John Mayer is generally accessible for autographs - like if a person really wanted a John Mayer autograph, how would you go about getting it?  Asking because I have a beautiful Martin OMJM guitar (Orchestra Model John Mayer) and always thought it would be awesome to have him actually sign it.  Your post reminds me a little of our encounter with Don Felder this summer.  He agreed to sign a couple of autographs for the small crowd who paid for the meet and greet.  When he got to me wife, she asked if he'd sign the tee shirt she was wearing, a Don Felder shirt that came with the VIP package.  He was great, funny as hell.  He said "How about if I sign the back?"  She said sure, so he said "Turn around and bend over."  Everyone was cracking up.  Anyway....

Comment by Josh Board on December 4, 2017 at 8:17am

He is good about autographs if you catch him at the venue, although so many of them get turned off if you have a guitar. I remember your wife got her guitar signed. And my friend that was at Felder...had a guitar. I always tell him not to bring his guitars and pick guards, because they think you're going to eBay it. The good thing with Mayer is...he's not as famous as he once was so he's playing smaller venues, and that makes it easier.


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