My friend wants to buy this sword from a seller in the USA. He has asked me for my thoughts etc. 

It's a sword bearing the signature of David Carradine with Kill bill inscribed. 

My concerns are that the sword itself is not a typical kill bill sword I have seen before. I don't know if DC signed other swords with the 'kill bill' mark etc. The signature is imo good especially the 'David' . But the 'Carradine' is shorter from one's I have seen before. 

There is a CSC sticker with a number. From what I can gather it's been advised to steer clear of all CSC memorabilia. Is this correct? 

Finally there is no paperwork associated with this sword. 

Your thoughts would be appreciated. 



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My DC i have in my collection. That sword is definitely not from the movie.

My sword and signed book was obtained at a memorabilia show at the NEC in 2006. Because i was like the 3rd or 5th in the queue at the time I got nice signatures from him. Hanzo swords was with him at the time so you would of got a signed COA from them and David. I never got mine as they didn't have them ready and didn't go back to get one after.

David would sign what you asked of him from a show etc.

didn't need it as i got them in person, the only time I regret not taking the camera with me.

Hi Kato, 

Thank you for your reply. Very much appreciated. 

You have some really cool Kill Bill memorabilia. I especially like your sword and the movie poster signed by MJW, Carradine and Madsen.

I did not know that he signed anything. So do you think this is genuine?

It looks OK to me. I was concerned about the CSC hologram. Although apparently DC do private signing for CSC from what I could ascertain. How reliable that is I don't know.



Hi Mark,

David signs in different ways, but looks ok at 1st glance without really looking around the ying yang drawing looks good to me. But I would wait and see what others think.

Just odd on why you would get him to sign a non Kill Bill sword thats all. 



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