A real Led Zeppelin beauty!!! The funniest forgery yet, another eBay treasure!

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There is a long description paragraph that is just as funny.

Actually a real enjoyable read.this guy is hilarious!


New message to: brucezeman

“Feather dipped”? You mean quill? Those were around from the 6th century until the mid 1800’s you  idiot. You mean to tell me the Robert plant and band were used to no electricity and quill pens up until they signed this piece of s***!!!! You are un-American and a disgrace trying to rip people off when so many have lost their jobs due to this pandemic. Good news is we are all laughing at ur attempts and u won’t make $2 off this garbage. Now F off


I can't seem to let your non-belief go! Let me ask you this. Do you know when "sharpie" markers first came on the market? And let me ask you this;
if you spent your whole life writing with a feather dipped in an ink well (you know what that is right?) and then all the sudden you were given a modern
ball point to use, (and you'd never used one before) do you think just maybe your writing might look a little different? Or do you think it would look exactly
the same as your feather and ink well writing? BZ and p.s. I have a lot more information about this!

This guy is really praying on people who don't know any better.what bothers me even more than the pathetic poster is the write up about it and the whole rant about how people are ripping people off with zeppelin albums etc.what a real,jerk.

Good for u John for sending a message to this idiot!

What a joke. Looks like slowly drawn scribbles and doodles produced by an 8 year old.

Like many frauds, the auction is festooned with a ridiculously long story that I suppose the seller feels adds to the credibility. And all those worthless receipts and pieces of paper. LOL


Like the old saying, if you can't dazzle them with brilliance, bury them in bull$h1t


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