As a collector of autographs, rock memorabilia, I feel that I need to allow for a percentage of forgeries that I may have purchased over my time of collecting. Well I hope to keep the percentage small, but I think it's almost impossible to have a 100 percent success rate ,not being an expert that is. Even these days people are disagreeing with tpa.

 Well that seems to be the reality for me , how about you and your collection?

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I agree. Those TPAs don't have a 100% accuracy rate, so you have to consider each item on a case-by-case basis regardless of the authentication. You don't want to get stuck with a rare, expensive mistake. Collectors may be aware that a particular item is fake even though it has been authenticated by a TPA.
Agreed. The members here have highlighted many mistakes in the past.
Robert, if you got a good result with PSA's Quick Opinion, you are fortunate. Overall, their QO leaves much to be desired. You should read through a previous thread on the topic. They get A LOT wrong.
So, much to learn about this.. I'm thinking only purchasing that has already been authenticated by psa/jsa I recently purchase a smashing pumpkins CD signed in 1993 by all band members on a quick opinion.. I'm going to send it in to psa once received.
There is definitely a higher risk of buying forgeries than others, in the movie world im not sure what they are.
Hopefully, once you send the item in, Robert, they will pass it. PSA's full service is much better than their Quick Opinion. The big problem with their QO is that no one is quite sure of the credentials of the person doing the QO or how much time or thought they really give to it. It is very likely that the person doing the full service review is not the person who did the quickie. Some of us wonder if the quick reviewer has even graduated high school! I almost missed out on a beautiful, authentic Michael Jackson vintage signed Thriller album because PSA QO failed it. Fortunately, I didn't let that discourage me, and I bought it. It's 100% real without question.

I noted in a previous thread how a friend passed on a John Lennon/Yoko Ono signed item for only $1200 because PSA QO failed it. Two weeks later, it was up for sale by PressPass for $3200 with a FULL LOA from PSA/DNA!
I agree, James. But the problem is that if we want to buy non- music autograph,the only source to help is PSA quickopinion. Last year I bought Andre the Giant autograph, which PSA QO said ok. Unfortunately, it failed PSA's full service and I wasted a lot of times & money for TPA's fee, claiming and returning item to seller.
I bet most people feel like it's a waste of time and money,Kit.
I sure do at times and theres guys submitting items too multiple companies if it fails.

These are 2 Lita Fords that were passed by PSA/DNA but they are definitely forgeries and they obviously come from PressPass but I'm shocked these were passed because of how bad they look. 

I just found this "Rose Mcgowan" authenticated by PSA/DNA from the seller "Toptierautographs" on Ebay. In my opinion is it's not real, I see some issues right off the bat when I looked at this. Even it was real, I just couldn't ever justify telling myself that. 

I'm shocked that PSA failed an Andre. They have been certifying horrible forgeries of Andre for years.

Are these fake certified Andre's, Pete?
What do the real ones look like?


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