Have been inactive here a while. Was cleaning up my collection to sell/gift any extra pieces. Found this one. Submitted it to psa in 2012, got a no opinion in addition to the other 2 soccer autographs I sent in (those were in person graphs, so I take their opinion lightly). I know Pacino’s in person signature is tough to authenticate, but if anyone has an idea it would be greatly appreciated. Look forward to remaining active. Thank you! 

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Yep! All three signatures I submitted got this same letter. If I recall, I complained that it was taking too long (2 months?) and they “expedited” my submission. I haven’t submitted an autograph to a tpa since. 

Two months?!  Yikes!  I would just be nervous having one of my prized (and valuable) autographs in the hands of someone else for that long and waiting, for what would seem like forever, to get their verdict (even though I know it’s authentic).  If I ever decide to sell some of my prized autographs, I think I might have to go the auction house route, so they can assess it themselves and they can get a pre-certification from one of the big three TPAs.

Looks slowly written, not a natural flow.

He actually has a slow drawn look to his, he grabs the pen by the end and waves it like a wand . 

I think it looks good. Ive gotten him on over 400 items , and ive gotten some really weird ones. I just got him about 2 hours ago at lunch, the first few came out good, then he went to the crap graph. Here is one that starts just like yours 


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