I had inquired last Friday in regards to authenticity of an Andy Gibb and his Bee Gee's brothers pieces. They were all supposed to have been signed in person during their Spirits Having Flown Tour in Dodger Stadium back in 1979. Didn't get any response, so I'm wondering if that either means they're fake, or nobody knows. Wanted to have them framed up for my wife as a gift, however, not looking to frame them up if authenticity is a question mark. Would anyone know on the board who would know about such pieces. I know they're common place in regards to what you guys/gals collect, but any help would be appreciated. I heard PSA authenticates such and are leaders in the field, but they aren't cheap. Again I would appreciate any help. Mitch

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Have you asked Roger Epperson. His quick opinion is only 15$

I'm actually still waiting to receive them in the mail, and wanted to frame them up for my wife. I kind of jumped the gun when I purchased them, without knowledge of their signatures. I appreciate you letting me know about Mr. Epperson. If he's good at authenticating these type of autographs the price is certainly affordable. Once I get them I can send him added photos should he have need for such. Much thanks to you Patrick. ~Blessings and have a pleasant week~. Mitch

Sent over image/s of Andy Gibb and The Bee Gees to Roger Epperson for his quick opinion, and he stated "These look fine in my opinion". So that was good to hear. Thanks for the tip Patrick! ~Peace out and God Bless~. Mitch


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