Found this on Ebay yesterday starting at $1 with no reserve. Seller also has listed an Alice In Chains original band 8 x 10 that looks totally authentic to me. Any opinions on this one? Thanks

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what I can tell the photo was issiued by dgc records fore the nevermind release ,if I rember correctly its one of the 3 official ones dgc issued I would have to actualy see the photo to see if its  a bootlege or a real photo from the lable,if its a real photo its worth about 150$ unsigned

as for sigs I did get them a lot but there sigs are so easy to forge u really need to know who ur dealing with.

to me the kurt and krist look likes its done in the same hand.i cant really see the david

Thanks John. I really appreciate your input. And you're right; anyone could forge a Kurt or Krist signature. Unfortunately the seller isnt very chatty and wont give out any information. When i inquired about the AIC 8 x 10 he is selling he couldnt give any evidence of authenticity and said he'd probably be pulling the listing anyway. Which he didnt. 

if u cant get any back round don't touch it.its very important with this band

I sold a bunch of real blank pictures in the last 2 years from work so it would be easy for anyone who wanted to fake there sigs on them

I can tell if real its worth 3k to 10 k or more

Just rare is a Kurt Cobain full signature?  And what would one be worth say as a cut?

U mean just a scrap of paper signed by kurt.  500 to 1k would be my guess.  A full signed CD 4k to what ever u can get for it.  But it all comes down to providence. U will pay a premium for air tight 100 percent no question real.

Yeah, I like Nirvana, but the only thing I know about Cobain’s autograph is it’s rare and tough to authenticate.  

li Had a bunch from work but sold them haven't found anymore in storage

Can you post the AIC? I can do a comparison to my authentic Layne if it helps.

Early promo so probably early/mid 1990. I'm 99% sure this is genuine

Looks a little too clean for my taste, Id pass.

I withdrew my $200 bid. The seller has sold AICs and Cobains before. Seems a bit fishy to me although theyre really good reproductions



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